October 14, 2012

A Very Important Call

This will be a short review of a short film. I enjoy watching all types of films, even the short ones. In fact, I've reviewed a couple of short films here because I genuinely enjoy how people can create a story in just a few minutes. This one didn't even last 10 minutes, but the concept of it was established and clear.

You know those times when you're getting all the calls/messages except the one you really need? Yeah, this short is about exactly that. A Very Important Call is a short film featuring Earl Palmer, who also sent me a link to this short. It's uploaded in funnyordie.com and based on the meter, a lot of people are liking this one. It's about a man waiting by the phone for a very. very important call. Unfortunately, he kept getting calls from people he never intended to talk to, like, I think, telemarketers. He then learns that the best way to keep all those calling him away was to be rude.

I think given the premise of the short, the ending didn't come as a surprise. However, that didn't take away anything from the entertainment value of the film. I particularly liked the ending itself, the facial expression while being in a fetal position. I found that really funny. Actually the unnatural sounds he was making was also something worth noticing. I'd like to be able to pull that trick off.

It has good entertainment value and the cinematography is commendable. The quality of the film was really good, and the sound quality was just as great. The movie makers knew how to utilize their equipment and make use of its full capacity in order to produce a quality short. Thank you Earl Palmer for sending me the link. I'm not sure if I can share the link, but you can all search it in funnyordie.com

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