March 17, 2013


I finally saw Bridesmaids. My love for Rebel Wilson brought me to it, and even though she only had a small part in it, I'm really glad I did it. She was hilarious and charming and she makes everything enjoyable. But let's focus at the brilliance of Kristen Wiig. For her to come up with such an entertaining script, while also touching people is truly majestic. It was genuine and it really came from a real place, I thought. Sure, she must've written it for pure entertainment purposes, but I am also sure the depth of it came from something real and experienced. I should also acknowledge Kristen's co-writer Annie Mumolo. Both of them did very well!

First allow me to really get into the cast. I think they've been friends since they also did another movie "Friends with Kids," but seeing Chris O'Dowd, Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig was such a blast. The movie was exploding with all things good and positive. The chemistry of these three with Rose Byrne and Melissa McCarthy was just heaven on a screen. It was that amazing. All of them were strong individuals who gave something memorable to the movie. I especially appreciated McCarthy's performance. What a babe!

For those who don't know, Bridesmaids is a movie about....bridesmaids. The main plot of the story revolved around how the bride's best friend tried to compete with the bride's new friend. That led to them trying to outshine each other. Sounds simple enough? Good cause it's really a simple movie. However, don't equate simplicity with dullness. This movie was anything but that. It also had different layers like life evaluations, hitting rock bottom, rising up and accepting the challenge. I think it's relatable, which is probably why it became a huge success.

This is just a short post. I have to be somewhere. But I really wanted to put this up now. I'll see if I'll be able to edit it later today to justify how much I enjoyed the movie. But here's what you need to know. It's a fun movie, Wiig, Wilson, Rudolph, O'Dowd and McCarthy were very god in it, and it made hundreds of millions. If that doesn't convince you, I don't know what would. But seriously, it's a good one!

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March 10, 2013

21 and Over

The guy from Pitch Perfect, the guy from the Footloose remake, and the guy from the Twilight, although since I really don't watch Twilight, I know him more as the YouTube celebrity. 21 and Over put these three together and I instantly became interested, especially since it's a comedy film. Sure there are new other releases here like the Oz and Dead Man Down, but I know I'd watch those sooner or later; so when I got a friend asking if I wanted to see 21 and over I was on board. I actually read the negative reviews about the movie but I've never been one to be swayed by reviews so I thought I still better check it out.

21 and Over is an insane movie. I haven't decided yet if it's a good kind or a bad kind, but I'm guessing I'm gonna end up thinking it's the former. It's a fun, crazy film. Since I am an advocate of fun and crazy films, I naturally enjoyed watching 21 and Over. The comparison to The Hangover was warranted, I think. It really did resemble a Hangover vibe, and even the story line was identical to the hit franchise. There's a group of friends who got so wasted they're now trying to get one of the friends to an important appointment to not ruin his future life. Sounds familiar? Yeah, I'm sure. But who cares. While the plot line was formulaic, there was nothing calculated about the quality of entertainment the movie had to offer. Let me be clear on this though, it's definitely not a movie you'd want to bring your kids to. This movie was made for adults, who are open-minded liberals (as redundant as that sounds) and fun loving people. Definitely the same market as the Hangover.

Speaking of Hangover, I really think Justin Chon is the younger Ken Jeong. Probably their characters were just similar but I got the Ken Jeong vibe out of him. Same level of hilarity too. Skylar Astin and Miles Teller played very different characters from the ones I've seen them do. That was a good thing to see, shows versatility. Nice to know they can really do good in a comedy film as well, especially one as raunchy and wild as this. I think the writers did well in creating a diverse pool of characters, reinforcing, while breaking at the same time, stereotypical notions.

While it's similar to Hangover, I think we should all give credit to 21 and Over as an individual film. It's a comedy film that can stand on its own. Not everyone would like it, some might even find it disgusting. But at the end of the day, the goal of this film is to make people laugh, and it definitely had the capacity to do that. It got some crazy ideas put to motion by three very competent stars. It's entertaining, funny and extremely hilarious for some parts. It's a crazy ride, and viewers must just sit back, and enjoy the adventure. Let the movie take the wheel and be assured that there's laughter awaiting at the end of the road.

This is a short review. All you need to know is that I was laughing so hard while watching the movie. It was great as long as you remember that the main objective is to have fun and be entertained. If you think the line for Oz is too long, remember there are other movies to see.

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February 25, 2013

A Good Day to Die Hard

I've never seen the other Die Hard movies, which is a good thing because the reviews for this one haven't been very favorable. It's a good thing because I have nothing to compare it too, which made me enjoy it fa more than a lot of people, apparently. I actually didn't get the hate. It was entertaining, had constant action, had a decent story to follow. I guess true Die Hard fans could react the way they did since they've been the ones loyally following the franchise. As a newcomer, I thought what I saw was pretty good.

When I said there was constant action, I really meant it. Guns were being fired, people were being chased, cars were being destroyed in many ways all the time. Before one can even recover from the previous gun show, there's another one being presented to you. Time flew really fast because of this. One minute they're crushing every car on the streets of Russia, the next moment they're involved in a gun fight; and just within a few minutes, they're running for their life to a dumpster. There was a constant movement, and the shift added the sense of danger and excitement.

I also liked the twists presented in the movie. I'm not only talking about the twists in the plot, but the twists on the characterization as well. The characters were very round and the transforming of these personas was amazing. I especially liked how the villain became the villain. It was a perfect execution and a bit unexpected. I was actually impressed by how dark it was, and I liked the fact that I was surprised by it.

Jai Courtney was incredible in this film. He was a great choice to play Willis' son. He had everything going right for him. He had the charisma, the power, and the skills t kick some ass in that movie. He was believable. I'd have to say though that Willis is still the star of the film. I really like his character here. Funny, witty, but still strong. He still got the movies even after all those years. He's still as sharp as ever, and he still has what it takes to define action. He was magnificent! The pair of them brought humor and deadliness together, and mashed it up perfectly.They had balance with just the right amount of pushing and pulling.

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February 19, 2013


Ghajini is an odd movie for me; and I say that in the best way possible with the utmost respect and admiration for the artistry of this movie. The reason I called it odd as because of how it integrated almost every single genre known to man in one single movie. It's practically a psycho-thriller crime drama; however, also part of its subplot was a romantic comedy love story. It was a different experience for sure. During the subplot, I almost lost track of what I was watching. It felt like I was watching another film, far from the psycho-thriller revenge seeking film I was supposed to be seeing. That tells me two things. One: the movie is a perfect example of a genius film. Two: the director and cast were so diverse and versatile to produce such a challenging film.

The plot revolved around a man who suffered from a short term memory loss. He would lose all his memory after 15 minutes, and lived by taking photos and name-tagging everything he owned and did. He, however, had not forgotten the tragedy that struck two years prior: the violent murder of his girlfriend. He then only had one goal in life: avenge the death of his lover. I don't think this will be considered a spoiler since the movie made it pretty clear with in the first few minutes of the movie. I guess they just said it so the audience can focus on the story-telling, which I will tell you, was beautiful. It was graphic and detailed how the main character was going to get to his target. he doesn't remember a lot so he's made an intricate plan to find the killer and make him suffer.

This also led to the police having a sudden interest in him especially since an investigation was pointing to him. Few minutes later, the audience is introduced to the girlfriend Sanja Singhani (the main character played by Aamir Khan) lost. It started with how they met, the circumstances that led to their meeting, growing close and eventually falling in love. This was the lightest part of the film. It was truly comical since it was really unconventional. Their love story screams hilarity right from the start. It was really helpful that Asin was so damn compelling in her role as Kalpana. She was lovely and had the perfect timing for her lines, and boy were her lines good. This was the romantic comedy part of the film. It was so well-done it takes you full-on. As I said, I almost forgot I was watching a movie about a man out to kill the people who wronged him. These scenes had a totally different vibe with it.

Then it shifted to the present where a medical student found herself involved in the chaotic life of Singhania. She definitely was interested, but there was more to his life than a medical case. She was in for a surprise when she realized her life was actually in danger. In the midst of running and telling, it shifted back to the past to complete the story of Singhania and Kalpana. It showed what happened that changed Singania's life forever. Gone was the big shot business man. Gone was the smiling, generous man. Gone was all the fame and fortune as he lived in isolation. The turn of events was so drastic yet so endearing. It had the magic of a great flick and it was touching and moving as well as heartbreaking. It's the artistry and craftsmanship of the movie that made me really like it.

The movie had a very powerful feel to it. The story was complex, but the way they did it made total sense. It was organized in a way that the narrative would be understood and felt by the viewing public, but it also boasted its artistry. This movie is a real work of art and the director, was a brilliant artist. He was able to depict all these intertwining stories so wonderfully that it was effective. Effective and powerful. Those are the two words I'd use to describe the film. Emotional and grandiose would be other choices. It was a really grand film. I don't think they held back with anything. All of it was visually pleasing and appealing. It was a great viewing experience.

The writing and the directing was a perfect marriage. Sure they had a strong material at their hands; but the most impressive thing was what they chose to do with it. They definitely not wasted it. I was really impressed by how the story was flowing, how they were shaping the characters, and how the events are turning up. It was constantly changing which made the movie alive. I just was blown away by this movie. It was a really great film to see. I had a lot of fun watching 3 Idiots and I'm glad this gave me another form of fun in terms of  a Bollywood experience. It was a fascinating film for sure.

Aamir Khan as the star of the movie was perfect. He had everything going for him. He was versatile and transformed himself in every scene. He was funny when he needed to be, and tough when the scene called for it. I guess there's a reason why two of the highest grossing Bollywood film had him as the star; he delivers, and he delivers well. He's one genuinely talented actors and probably one of the best in worldwide cinema. He has this effect of making people laugh, sympathize, or angry. He portrays a wide range of emotions and he's always right on cue when showing them. He's a truly remarkable actor and a gift the cinema.

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February 16, 2013

Pitch Perfect

The film was a simple movie. No twists, exploding cars or out of this world creatures. No CGIs or insane graphics. It was just about a group of people who sing acapella music. "All with [their] mouths," as the mpvie said. The idea of it isn't as exciting as Transformers or Avengers, but somehow I still liked it. It was actually recommended by my brother who told me it was good. I'd have to agree with him on that one. I like music as well so that was a huge added bonus.

Anna Kendrick was not only beautiful in this movie, she definitely showcased her vocal range. Everyone did, but Kendrick was the biggest surprise for me. I've seen Kendrick in films like 50/50 which was also a good film. But with this, I was even more impressed by her. She's definitely a star on the rise, and I think she'll go really far. She's beautiful and very talented. She has everything going for her and I can't wait to see her next move/movie. Another surprise was Brittany Snow. I guess Hairspray really helped her. Her presence in the movie was so charming and warm, I just was drawn to her. But the biggest treat in the whole movie was Rebel Wilson. Her crystal meth line was right on the money, and people will for sure remember that scene for a long time. She was a very vital ingredient in this movie, and she was an absolute delight.

The guys of the movie didn't fall behind. Skylar Astin, Ben Platt and Adam DeVine were getting really into it. The three characters were so different but perfectly complemented each other.  It was a good guy bad guy kind of thing, and it added entertainment quality to the movie. One of my favorite performances was Magic, led by Platt. I already liked the song before but it was cool the way they did it. The choreography was also fun. It's one of those I'd gladly watch over and over again. Freddie Stroma, who played the campus DJ, and John Benjamin Hickey, who played Beca's father weren't singin in the movie; yet, somehow they still managed to stand out as well. They didn't have a lot of scenes but they both seized every moment of their time.

The choice of music in this movie was smart. It ranged from oldies to current songs. I thought that had widened its audience. For sure it will mostly be young kids, but at least if adults came to see the movie, they'd still enjoy it. Maybe enjoy the twists and mas-ups made to the songs. As mentioned, I liked Magic, but I also liked Kendrick's version of Titanium, and her mash-up of the Bella's signature song with the pop song Bulletproof. I thought that was sick. It meshed up really well and it was very well-done. So whoever thought of that, kudos to you. The song selections were all pretty good. I wasn't aware of some of them so I guess it was good that they didn't go full mainstream, or at least not my mainstream.

It's a fun movie. Nothing too dramatic, lots of funny moments, much thanks to Wilson and Hana Mae Lee, the silent star of the show. Those two definitely brought their funny bones to the movie. Also, allow me to say that I was very shocked to see Ester Dean in this movie, especially in a role like that. Never imagined i'd be seeing her sing a Kelly Clarkson song. How's that for something new? But really, the movie was an uplifting fun movie. It provided quality entertainment and a fun loving singing atmosphere. The stars shone, and I think they all will continue to do so.

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