August 30, 2012

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

I apologize for the delay, and the inconsistent posting of reviews. I've been rendering a lot of overtime in my current work, and when I get home, I just fall asleep. I've been waking up late as well so there's really no time to post. I apologize for that. I'll try to be better and more consistent. I missed doing this!

As a comeback, I decided to watch a movie close to home, produced in one of my neighboring countries Thailand. Crazy Little Thing Called Love, also known as First Love, was a 2010 Thai movie starring Mario Maurer and  Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul. The movie was directed by Puttipong Pormsaka Na-Sakonnakorn and Wasin Pokpong. The cast also included awesome people like Sudarat Budtporm, Tangi namonto, Pijitra Siriwerapan, Acharanat Ariyaritwikol, and Kachamat Pormsaka Na-Sakonnakorn. I wished they used the story of Acharanat Ariyaritwikol's character to build up the story, but everything turned out very well. Also, I wished they showed Kachamat Pormsaka Na-Sakonnakorn cause she looked really beautiful in this movie. 

It's a little like a fairy tale (minus the fairy). A little like Cinderella, and Ugly Duckling, and a little bit of everything else. It was mainly a love story, a story about young love, and the first experience of it. It's a cute movie. I don't know what's wrong with me using the word cute, but it really was a cute movie. Very light, and very romance-y, but not that cheesy. Well it was a bit cheesy, but nothing too extreme for the context of the movie. It was a movie about transformation, one directed to get the attention of the person being liked, but as it turned out, it did wonders for the people involved anyway. 

For a movie most people would categorize as a chick flick, a lot of guys recommended and raved about this movie. It was funny, actually, how some of my friends would even post about it on social networking sites. I've heard about this movie from some people, but when a lot of my friends recommended thismovie, I was very surprised. As much as I loved movies, I never thought I'd actually go see it. But a lot of people had been saying great things about it that there's now way I could pass up the chance to watch it. Ending up liking it was an even bigger surprise. 

It was actually pretty good. While watching it, I just knew a lot of girls would love this movie, and a lot of guys would appreciate it too. I'm not even denying that I liked it. I'll say that the movie worked the way it did, because of the chemistry the two main actors had. The two main characters had charisma and accessibility that made the audience relate to them easily. They both did amazing and it was really good to see them in their characters. It's a simple story, simple plot, but the twists and turns of it made it special; and the actors made it even more special. I really liked the cast of the movie, and they were pretty funny as well which made me enjoy the movie even more.

It's a very good movie to see the Thai culture as well. I apologize for this, but I wasn't really all that familiar with the Thai lifestyle and culture. But I felt like I got introduced to it by watching this movie. If anyone in Thailand can answer me, please tell me if everyone there uses a motorcycle. I thought it was pretty cool that even kids drive motorcycles, and that they practice safety measures. Also, another question, what Thai qualities can be spotted int his movie? Please, educate me. I am very interested. 

It was a good movie. I had a lot of laughs, and I greatly enjoyed it. Definitely must check out if you're into foreugn cinema. I am very appreciative of any movie, especially movies made in different places. That's why I also liked watching Fermat's Room, Remember O Goddess, The Professor and His Beloved Equation, etc. I like movies from all over the world and this just made it to the list of the ones I really liked. 

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August 26, 2012


I'm really trying to make up for the supposed to be Edward Norton week/tribute/birthday thing so I'm trying to post more reviews about his movies. This one will be about Rounders, a movie he did in the first few years of his acting career.

Rounders was a 1998 movie starring Matt Damon and Edward Norton as underground poker players. The movie was directed by John Dahl, and was written by David Levien and Brian Koppelman. Also part of the cast were John Turturro, Famke Janssen, Gretchen Mol, John Malkovich, and Martin Landau. The movie received mixed reviews and did not do particularly well in the box office. I found the movie amusing right from the beginning because, once again, Edward Norton's character was in prison. Now that I think about it, the first movie of Edward Norton I saw was Keeping the Faith where he played a priest. Then I saw him in The Incredible Hulk. From then on, the characters I've seen him play always put him on the no-so-good side. The past few films I've seen him do involved him getting arrested. That in itself was very amusing for me.

The movie follows the life of a law student who used to play in underground poker arenas. He was quite good but one game changed everything. After betting everything he had, he miscalculated his chances and ended up losing. He turned away from that life, and decided to get a job and continue his studies. Things changed once again after his friend got released from prison and lured him to go back to the life he had avoided. Simple games ended up being complicated when money was no longer the only thing involved but also their own lives. It was a race against time, against the mobsters, and against luck to win enough money to save both their lives, and also re-gain some of his pride.

Poker has been continuously growing and more people are becoming involved with the game. I know friends who play; not at the same level, but still, they're involved in the game. I did learn a few things about poker watching this movie. I've seen the world series, I've seen my friends play so I guess it's safe o say that to a certain extent, I am familiar with the game.

I thought it would be like the movie "21" another gambling movie. Actually, it had some similarities both using Vegas a s a gambling destination, both using tactics to figure out the next cards, both losing the money and trying to recover after the loss. There are a lot more things common between the two and it would take some time to list them all. I'd have to say thought that I enjoyed 21 a little bit better. While I found Rounders intriguing and a good movie, it lacked on some parts. I couldn't necessarily pinpoint what was missing, but something was. I think part of the problem was for a certain point, the story got loopy, and lost its steam. It became boring, although it managed to get back on track later on, it spent quite some time on scenes that, I felt, were not really important. Maybe if they cut a few scenes, shortened the running time, this movie would have been phenomenal. But that's just my opinion.

However, for some reason, I still found it entertaining. The drama that surrounded it, the rise and fall of the plot, it was still a well-constructed movie. It wasn't too dramatic and it was very normal. That's something that I find in some movies. This one made everything normal and realistic and I greatly appreciated it. It also featured some fantastic performances from the cast. I really liked this cast. They were all strong and effective. Most of all, they were all believable. They all pulled off each character. The push and pull of the characters were the most interesting part of the movie for me. I wanted to know which direction they would all take.

For some reason, I expected a lot more brawl than I got. And even weirder, I was happy I was wrong. It was unexpected. I thought this movie would be more predictable, and although for the most part it was, I took pride in the fact that I got some things wrong. This movie really had its merits, and those merits granted me a very good experience. I liked the movie. Sure, it could have been better, but it was still pretty awesome.

If you're a poker player, or love watching poker games, this one probably could stir some interest. It's about the game, the love of the game, the tricks of the game, and even the politics of the game. It's even more interesting since it deals with the underground sector. You might even learn a thing or two about the game you love.

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August 25, 2012

25h Hour

This was the first movie I got for Edward Norton week, which we all know didn't happen. I've had this movie for a long time but never watched it because I wanted to use it for my tribute to Norton. Now, I couldn't even remember why I got this movie? How did I even learn about it? Before watching it, I tried to think what the story was about, who else was in it. Nothing came to mind, though. Turns out I had absolutely no idea what the movie was about expect I go tit several months ago, and that Edward Norton starred in it. However, I knew I got this for some reason so it must be good.

I read in the internet that this movie was supposed to be connected to the 9/11 attack. I never got that reference. I didn't think it had anything to do with the attacks, except for one excerpt shown during Norton's soliloquy, which was probably one of the best monologues I've seen in a movie. It was also one of my favorite parts. The message of the speech was relevant and current, even though the movie was released a decade ago. It was full of angst and racist comments, but I thought they were mentioned no to spread hate or be against someone, but to intensify the growing anger his character was feeling. I though the whole scene provoked me as an audience member to respond, to feel something out of it.

To clarify what I mentioned above, I should probably give a short summary of what was about to happen. The main premise of the movie revolved around a man who's about to spend 7 years in prison after someone ratted him out to the authorities for dealing drugs. It followed his life during his last hours of freedom, how he intended to spend the last remaining hours before he gets in to jail. He met up with friends, friends he thought was real and people he could depend on. He met with his father, and this encounter gave the background for Norton's character. Monty's life, at least his family life, was revealed through his interactions and conversations with his father. Also, he spent it with her girl, which started with a problem whether she was the one who ratted him out. There were a lot of layers in the premise, each handling one side of his character.

The movie was very dialogue/speech-driven. The words were direct, but also eloquent. The whole beauty, for lack of a better term, of the movie relied heavily on what was being aid. Different characters had different personalities in the movie, and the way they spoke, and what they said completely defined them as people. There was always a message and every dialogue and there's always something to learn and unravel. It had great monologues as well, well-written and thought-provoking. The whole process of writing this was just incredibly impressive.

The performances of all the actors elevated the quality of the movie. There were only few characters in it, which probably helped in allowing all the characters to have their moments. I was even more impressed with how they performed during last few minutes of the movie. Monty's about to go to jail, everyone supporting him were on their own edge, not knowing what to do about it. The last few minutes of the movie solidified the power of the cast to portray their characters.

The ending of the movie was intriguing and, I thought, very smart. It's a fantasy vs reality sort of thing. But the way it was handled oozed artistry and definitely showed that the guys behind the movie were pros. From the conceptualization to the execution, the ending scenes were flawless. It was just great t see it. It was a little heartbreaking, but still a pretty great scene.

The movie was a fantastic movie, probably even one f Norton's better films. That's saying a lot cause I haven't been let down by any Norton movie. I've liked all his work. However, if forced to rank the movies, this one will be on the upper half. It's one of those movies you have to appreciate for the simple reason that it's a brilliant movie.

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August 21, 2012

The Expendables 2

I had the chance to check out The Expendables 2 and it was freakin' awesome! I personally thought it improved almost everything, the cast, the script, the sequences. That's a lot considering how great the first one was. They elevated the intensity of it. The start of the movie this time was way better than the one they had last time, though the last one was pretty exciting as well. Right from the get-go it was heavy fighting, gun shooting chaos. It was also very graphic which made it really gory, but at the same time, the artistry was just impeccable.

Liam Hemsworth, Chuck Norris, Arnold Schwarzenneger, Bruce Willis, Jean Calude Van Damme, Yu Nan, and Scott Adkins were all great additions to the film. They really added more value to the film, not only ith their presence but with their dedication as well to make the movie really believable and engaging. I did notice the considerable decrease in dialogues among the other cast members though like Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews and Randy Couture. Maybe it's because they added so much people, they weren't able to keep the others on the spotlight. The secondary characters became even more secondary upon the arrival of te new guys. But this cast was really awesome so it's a little hard to complain.

I thought the sequel was much better this time, utilizing a lot of puns and witty remarks. They used different references pertaining to one another's life, and that escalated the comedic value of the movie. It had a much simpler story though. I guess they just kept it simple. What I did notice though was how this time, it didn't focus on just fighting and killing off the enemies. This time, it featured some dramatic scenes, some incredibly hilarious ones as well. It had less romance, but don't worry ladies, there's a little something there on that department,

For a movie with a lot of older actors in its principal cast, the movie felt modern and young. Even if a lot of people call the cast old, no one could deny that it didn't show. They were as agile as the young ones. It's funny cause they used it as a joke in the movie, a running joke how they had all become old and slow. However if you watch the fight scenes, it really showed that these actors still could do the scenes. The fighting scenes were magnificent, really impressive. I'd say the most impressive one when it came to the action scenes were Jason Statham who really worked the knives and guns really well. His scenes were the most exciting ones for me.

My one complaint was how short Jet Li's screentime was. As a big Jet Li fan, I was hoping he would be used in this movie more. I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but I also felt they underutilized him last time. He had minimal lines, and little to do. He's a known fighter yet the movie didn't capitalize on that. This time was much worse. As one of the main stars of the movie, I didn't understand why he had even less things to do in the sequel. (SPOILER!) If you go see it and you see him getting off the plane, say goodbye, you're never gonna see him again.

Definitely a must check-out movie. It's currently at the top of the box-office now, and I think it;s gonna stay there for at least another week, I don't see any movie knocking them down just yet. If you want action, suspense, drama, and comedy in one movie, this is the movie you must see.

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August 19, 2012

Primal Fear

I was supposed to do an Edward Norton week event like the one I did with Tom Hanks week. It was Edward Norton's birthday last August 18, and I wanted to give tribute just as I did with Tom Hanks. However, I knew it was not possible given the work, and the schedule I currently have. It's a little tough to commit to such an "event" cause I never know if I could even update this blog. I try to update it as often as possible but it's a little tough now since I have to juggle more things. I apologize for that, but allow me to use this opportunity to make up for it.

Primal Fear was Edward Norton's first movie. To convince you how incredibly talented the guy is, he was nominated for an Academy Award on his first movie, being nominated for Best Supporting Actor. If you've seen the movie, you'll understand exactly why he was nominated. He played the role of an altar boy accused of murdering the archbishop. Throughout the course of the movie, the trial was featured and hi lawyer (Gere) struggled to prove his innocence.

It was released in 1996, and starred Richard Gere as the defense lawyer of Edward Norton's character. The defense lawyer was played by Laura Linney. Also part of the cast were John Mahoney, Alfre Woodard, Frances McDormand, Terry O'Quinn, Andre Braugher, and many more. It was directed by Gregory Hoblit. The screenplay of the movie was adapted from the novel of William Diehl entitled Primal Fear as well. The movie impressed the critics and received different recognition from different bodies and institutions.

It was a commentary of a lot of things. It had religion, corruption, sexual abuse, psychological disorders, the justice system and a whole lot more. It was a courtroom drama so the justice system was very exposed. I guess in this case, what they were able to convey (SPOILER!) was somehow, the justice system gets it wrong purely by mistake. Sometimes we criticize the system for letting the good people go to jail and the bad ones walk freely. But I guess this proves that the people in the courtroom are just human beings as well susceptible to errors. Aside from he courts, law and system, the movie also talked about the corruption that might or might not be happening in the Church. I guess these kind of scenarios sprung out from different theories, and were then used in different forms of literature. It even tackled about sexual abuse and pedophilia. It was a movie with a lot of heavy subjects that were magnified by its setting and premise.

The actors gave believable and strong performances. Richard Gere and Laura Linney captured the essence of battling lawyers, both eager and determined to win. The interaction they had was that of love and care outside the courtroom, but of competitiveness inside. Edward Norton's performance, especially in the latter part of the film was really intriguing and interesting. He definitely stole the show. John Mahoney was another one who gave a chilling performance. The entire cast did their part to make the movie work.

The movie had one of the most shocking and equally disturbing endings. The twist revealed in the end came out of nowhere and legitimately caught me by surprise. The whole movie gave no sign of the impending doom  that was about to happen. It was a very well-structured movie, although at times it did feel convoluted with all the sub-plots. But overall, it was a really good.

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The Help

It's funny how I ended up watching The Help. I asked a friend for movies I could watch, and she mentioned The Help as a good movie. Not being too familiar with it, I immediately assumed that it was the big comedy movie last year with a big ensemble. This one only had the big ensemble, and not the comedy. I was thinking of another movie when we talked, and didn't even bother reading the description/short summary before watching the movie. I just went ahead. I was a little surprised about the somber atmosphere right from the beginning. I kept thinking, "I thought this was supposed to be a funny movie." I realized quickly that this wasn't the movie I had in mind. At the same time, it was very inviting that I decided to watch the ntire thing anyway.

There have been a lot of movies set in the earlier years of the decade that focused on the issue of racism. Just in this blog alone, you'd be able to find at least two more movies dealing with the issue, To Kill A Mockingbird and Hairspray, a courtroom drama and a musical. This one was also a dramatic take on the subject, although more sensitive as it tackles the life not only of a colored person, but a colored person in a lower social class. I guess during those times, being colored automatically meant that you'd belong to a lower social class. If you think about it, colored people were always hired as help during the earlier years. It was also a very strong depiction, dialogue-driven so the power of the movie was found in the words people were saying. It showed different issues and prejudices white people had against the colored ones. One example was how the wives would not allow their maids to use the same bathroom as theirs just because they believed they could get diseases by using the same bathroom. People back then thought of all the crazy things

However, despite most of them being abused, the movie still had the balance and the certainty to show that now all white bosses were horrible. It showed that there are people who cared about the maids, who treated them with respect, and genuinely built a friendship with them. That's one of the best things about a movie. It's so easy to get caught up with the issue of racism and portray just how bad it was, and it was really bad. However, it was also good to see another side. The likes of Celia Foote and the man who bought a piece of land just so his help would have an easier time to get to work. These are examples of hope back then, that not all white people cared about color or social status. These were the people who had heart and looked after the people who help them everyday. 

The movie also depicted how some people were just stuck in social standards. There were people who actually liked their help, but couldn't continue having some sense of friendship because the society they belong to would look them down. They were afraid to be chastised so they stuck with the status quo even if it meant letting go of their principles. It's a real shame, but at the same time I understood especially given the circumstances. We all wish it never happened but it did. I'm just grateful things have changed for the better, at least with this issue. 

The movie was also about courage. Aibee took the courage to tell her story so that her son would be proud of her. She was afraid at first, especially after what happened to the the others. She was afraid she'd go to jail or lose her home and job. She placed a lot of things on the line but she thought it was worth it because she'd be able to get across her message. She would be able to educate other people about what it's really like  Skeeter demonstrated courage by writing about a topic no one had dared do. She was willing to take risks to put the maids' story out there and cause a change. She wanted to end all the non-sense and she made sure she was able to do it even with just her pencil. She was able to collect different stories and show the world just how insane things had become.She wrote everything she learned even if it meant losing a lot of things as well. 

I also now understand why the cast received so much praise. They were all excellent in this movie.  Emma Stone, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jessica Chastain, Sissy Spacek, Mike Vogel, Mary Steenburgen and Allison Janney. Emma Stone was captivating and portrayed the rebel role really well. Bryce Dallas Howard also managed to evoke that strong feeling of hatred by portraying the ignorant, racist character she had. Jessica Chastain also gave a very strong, remarkable performance. However, Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer were the stars of the movie. They were both phenomenal. I'm glad the cast was recognized for their awesome performances. Tate Taylor did a wonderful job directing these people. 

It was a very good movie. It was an exquisite drama about life when people were still ignorant about the facts about colored people. Based from what I know and what I've read, I thought it was a pretty accurate description. It had great value and it was a moving story. I'm sure if you have maids, drivers, whoever, you'll appreciate them even more after watching this. They sacrifice a lot for us, and this movie's a good reminder of what they miss out on to help us in our daily life. 

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August 16, 2012

Fools Rush In

Fools Rush In was a 1997 comedy-drama movie starring Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek. It was directed by Andy Tennant, and was written by Katherine Reback and Joan Taylor. Just to share, I had a feeling a woman wrote this movie so I was a little amused to find out that two girls wrote it; at least to me, it was. It didn't get the feedback it hoped it would. Although it did manage to earn profit in the box-office, thought not much. It was the story about two people who met randomly. Then the movie explored the unexpected meeting, the even more unexpected results of that meeting, the actions they took afterwards, and the interpretation of signs the encountered.

Look, it wasn't the best of movies, but it wasn't a bad one either. It had its own merits and it had substantial value. It wasn't as funny as I thought it would be. It was a lot cheesier than I thought it would be. However, I still found myself digging it. I like Mattew Perry, and I like Salma Hayek. These two were enough reasons to enjoy myself. It was weird seeing them in those roles cause it's not very typical of them to attack those roles.

The movie was actually a realistic, and somehow accurate portrayal of the complications of a relationship, which I'm, pretty sure was the objective of the movie. It was even more complicated since it was one involving two very different people from different backgrounds, religion, culture and even religion.  It was multi-dimensional because the relationship was between a Latina and a Caucasian man. I think they tried to make the two protagonists as different as possible to highlight how two different people can be in a relationship. It showcased the struggles couples go through, the reasons they fight and the problems they face. For me, the movie was all about the sorrows and triumphs of a relationship, especially one with two people who grew up miles apart.

I still thought the movie had smart moments. I felt like they had a clear plan of what to do, a very precise storyboard. I just don't know if it was the execution, or the weight of the material that made it just a little underwhelming. Again, it wasn't a bad movie. I just expected a bit more, especially since they could have utilized Perry's wits and humor. It was a little dramatically charged, probably. It had the potential to be one of the better comedy movies. I guess the best part of the movie was the infusion of the Latino culture and lifestyle. I found that very interesting. It evoked a sense of admiration o my part so that's a good sign.

It wouldn't be too bad to watch the movie. Probably won't put it on my top recommended, but if you got time and enjoy a feel-good movie, this movie just might do the trick. Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek, again, are enough reasons to appreciate the movie. By the way, Matthew Perry has a new sitcom, Go On, and I saw the pilot episode. I really liked it, and I really think this time, this show can be on air for a while. It was funny and quirky, and very Matthew Perry. It has a lot of potential, and I really think it's a great addition to TV.

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August 15, 2012

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

It's not very often that people make movies surrounding the life of a kid. I can't recall that many children's movies that are not animated movies. Whenever people say children's movie, I think Pixar movies. Monsters, dragons, talking animals, and such. However there are live action movies tha revolve around a child's life. Probably not as entertaining as Diary of a Wimpy Kid, but still good nonetheless. As for me, I enjoy laughing, and I like doing it. Probably the reason why I enjoy a lot of comedy movies and children's movies as they contain the most joy.

It all started when my brother brought home a box set of the first four Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. I remember laughing because they were children's books, and had no idea why he bought them. But sometimes, out of boredom or curiosity probably, we check things out. That's how I read the first of the four books. Was it boredom or curiosity? I don't know. The fact was I picked it up, borrowed it and read it. I was done quickly. Then a couple days later, I was done with the four books. I haven't decided yet which one I liked best as I thought it was all equally good. I thought the books were pretty awesome. Each and every one had an entertaining story.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid, the first of bow several books, was turned into a movie in 2010. It was directed by Thor Freudenthal and starred Zachary Gordon as the infamous Greg. Also part of the cast were Robert Capron, Devon Bostick, Rachel Harris, Steve Zahn, Chloe Grace Moretz, Karan Brar, Grayson Russell, and more. It's been categorized as a comedy movie, and for good reason. Although, personally, I consider it a children's movie. After all, it was about a kid in middle school. The movie did well in the box-office, taking in a modest 75.7 million dollars on a 15 million budget.

I think the movie retained the charm of the books because Jeff Kinney, author of the book series, stayed in-touch with the people behind the movie; at least that's what I think. Some of the scenes were even lifted straight from the book. This movie stuck with the story of the first book and remained true to it to the best of its abilities. Of course, since it was a movie, certain things were dropped, certain things were changed, to fit the running time. It's probably not possible to include every single detail found in the book in the movie. However, while watching it, I did recall reading a lot of it. My favorite was about the "cheese touch" cause reading the book, I remember thinking it was of the most absurd things that could be found in a children's book, or any book. However, no one could also deny the fact that it was a unique thing to include and probably one of the funniest metaphors to be used as well, given that it really was a metaphor. It's about perspective.

Zachary Gordon and Robert Capron did amazingly good in portraying Greg and Rowley. Right from the beginning, I was already amused by their performances. They were quirky and snappy, and I thought it was the perfect portrayal of the two kids; well at least Greg. But seriously, the two of them were the perfect front-runners of the movie. They made it that much enjoyable for me. Chloe Grace Moretz and Devon Bostick also did a great job in their roles. I am liking Chloe Grace Moretz more and more. The more I see her, the more impressed I get.

The movie was a very good one. It's light so you won't have to worry about it. It's funny and relaxing. It's a kid's story, and since we were all kids once, I'm sure you'll be able to relate to at least some parts of it. The problem of fitting in, the clubs to join, the friends to hang out with, the problems we thought we had. There are a lot of things to see in the movie. It's even possible to see part of yourself in it. It's personal, but at the same time it's also general. It's one fun movie, that's for sure.

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August 13, 2012

The Departed

The Departed was an award-winning 2006 movie who gained widespread recognition both for being critically acclaimed, and also for bagging 4 Academy Awards. It also did very well in the box office, making almost 200 million dollars in profit. The movie was directed by Martin Scorsese. This was the first time I've heard of him, but after this movie, you probably will read more about him in the future in this blog. The screenplay was written by William Monahan, although the screenplay was only adapted. It was still pretty solid though. The film starred Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Martin Sheen, Mark Wahlberg, and Vera Farmiga.

The story was about a mob planting an insider in the special units department of the force, and the special units department placing a mole in the mob's internal. Swapping of spies of some sort. It exposed the workings of a police special units department and also a regular gang/mob. It explored both sides at the same time by allowing each team to have a mole, a traitor. They developed this rather simple idea into a complex, graphic production, and I must say, I was hugely impressed by it.

I actually didn't think it would live up to the hype. While researching about it, I kept reading how the movie was so good, how the movie's one of the best films, and how it landed on different top movies list. However, when I started watching the movie, I thought it was pretty normal, pretty average. There was nothing astounding about it, just a bunch of cops, being well, cops, in all sorts of senses. There were some horsing around and playful teasing, but there were also serious matters to handle. As the film progressed, I found myself being more and more involved with the story. I was becoming more and more affected by each scene. It was a constant progression and the next minute of the movie was always better than the last. By the end of the movie, I was left shocked with all the twists, most of them were really unexpected. The movie presented one surprise after the other, and all of it caught me off guard.

Jack Nicholson was freakishly disturbing in this movie. I guess that's his trademark. But even so, he still manages to present something new. He's a known actor, but, and I mean this as a compliment, I've known him as a villain. He portrays villains so well that I associate his name with such roles. This role was no different. He was a psychotic criminal and his performance was commendable. He actually freaked me out in some parts. That's how amazing he was as the mob leader. Leonardo DiCaprio also took on some heavy acting. Even Matt Damon. Actually, I think this was the first movie I've seen where Matt Damon was the bad guy. He was the traitor, and he was the devil. Mark Wahlberg being an ass in a movie also wasn't something I normally would see. These guys have always been the good guys so seeing them in new roles was quite refreshing.

The movie was a very good example of starting with an idea and expanding it. The web of all possibilities was laid out and they picked out the best elements to mix into the movie. It was actually pretty satisfying, and a little fulfilling to watch the movie. It was rich and it was full of different factors affecting the story. It had an interesting plot, and an even interesting, darker execution.

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August 12, 2012

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was a 2008 continuation of the hit 1980s franchise. It took nearly two decades to revive the movie and that's exactly what they did. The movie was definitely revived, becoming one of the biggest films in history. I haven't seen any of the older Indiana Jones movies but I've read about them several times. I'm actually surprised it took me this long to watch the movie. Harrison Ford returned to reprise his role, except this time, he had a different buddy, Shia LeBeouf. The film also starred, Cate Blanchett, Karen Allen, Ray Winstone, John Hurt and Jim Broadbent. It was directed by Steven Spielberg, and just with that, you know it must be really good. The screenplay was written by David Koepp and he succeeded in creating a viciously attracting script.

The start of the movie was actually pretty exciting. It had some frightening scenes, some badass fight sequences, and an overall good adventure. the second half of the movie was a lot better than the first half, but the first half was still good. The story was about the search for a crystal skull and the mystery behind it, and the movie stuck to its premise. It had some underlying stories which added layers to the plot. Nothing convoluted though. It was all tied up rather well, especially the connections of the characters. It's been years since the last Indiana Jones movie, so I guess they wanted to refresh details for the olides and introduce them to the younger ones. As another newbie, it was nice to know who the characters are, and the past experiences they had. It was also crazy to find out the weird familial ties within the movie, but I wasn't too surprised as I'd guessed it already. Didn't think I was right though.

It did have some awfully boring parts, but at least they were short moments. Nothing more than 5 minutes. I was thankful for that because most movies have off moments, but at least they made sure to turn things around quick. They kept it exciting as a real adventure film should be. I identified with National Treasures because they were on a quest to discover and locate specific items not normally seen by regular people. I thought they had the same premise, although the approach was a lot different. I still liked both movies though. Indiana Jones had a more Western approach to it, which I thought was one of the marketability of the movies. It made the movie appealing to different types of people.

Harrison Ford still kicks ass even though he's a lot older now. He's still capable of doing action movies, although he did seem a bit slow. But for a guy of his age, he was still impressive. The funny thing is, he did a movie released in 2006 entitled Firewall and he was also busy punching people there. Harrison Ford is already an icon in the movie industry, but more so in the action genre. Cate Blanchett, however, was the biggest surprise here. She was sick, in the best way possible. I've never seen her take on a role of that difficulty I guess. I could only imagine the preparation she did to perfect the role, and the persistence she must have to carry on with the character. Her performance here's probably one of her best performances I've seen. She's a truly versatile actress, and a lovely one as well.

It was a pretty good movie. It was an exciting adventure and the journey they took was one worth taking. It had the thrill of being on a quest, and that's a good sign. Steven Spielberg did great on its direction. If you're a Harrison Ford fan, this movie will make you an even bigger fan, especially since he still delivered the Harrison Ford action vibe we all knew. It was hard-hitting and very impressive. Shia and Cate were also stars and they made the movie modern, but at the same time honest to what the franchise was about. Overall it was a great movie.

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August 10, 2012

The Bourne Legacy

Avid readers of this site will know that I've been waiting for The Bourne Legacy the moment I knew about it several months ago. I even created a post on why I was excited to see it, watching the stars of the movie being one of them. As a huge Jeremy Renner and Edward Norton fan, this movie had all the right things to make me excited about a movie. Plus it's an action movie, and we also know how much I enjoy these kind of movies.

I can say that it was really worth the wait. But first, let's start with the basics. The movie was directed by Tony Gilroy and was written by Tony Gilroy himself with Dan Gilroy. It starred Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton as the three new faces of the Bourne galaxy. However, aside from these three, the movie also featured familiar faces like Joan Allen, David Strathairn, Scott Glenn, and many more. It also featured several new faces who added real excitement to the movie. The whole ensemble itself is one of themain reasns I saw the film, and one of the best reasons why you, whoever's reading this, should watch it.

I liked how they spent the first few minutes of the film establishing the connection of the fourth installment to the first three. I know a lot of people were skeptical about it as they weren't sure about how the movie would preserve its continuity with the first three movies. Because of this, I was glad that the movie spent some time making sure that the movie related to its predecessors. It identified who the new character was in the Bourne Universe, where he was while Jason Bourne was busy trying to evade capture, and what his connection was to the whole secret program being conducted. It linked him to Treadstone, but his story was different from Bourne's. Their stories did have some similarities, being targeted to be killed being the most prominent one.

After Aaron Cross was introduced, I appreciated that the movie focused on him and his story. While Bourne was still mentioned here and there, the movie did not overuse the Bourne name. It was all about Cross now and his struggle to be alive and o keep the woman who could save him alive as well. It was about how he got into the program and how the very same people want him dead. How he's evaded being killed like the others and how a doctor could potentially save him. It was about hs relationships and interactions with other people and it became a Cross movie, and no longer a Bourne movie.

I also enjoyed that the movie offered a variety of scenery. It filmed in different locations and that proved to be an advantage as it gave the movie contrast and it showcased some exotic locations. I'm not only talking about Manila but also Thailand. They also featured several other countries, and it was like a virtual field trip that I greatly enjoyed. I would say however, that I was very pleased with how they maximized these locations. I can't speak for other countries, or other people, but I was pleasantly surprised that the scenes they shot in Manila were great. Probably it's because it had a long chase scene, and again, we all know how much I enjoy those scenes. The bulk of their scenes in Manila was all about the action and the suspense. I even started not caring about the place but about the story and about the fight.

The ending was a bit abrupt, if I'll be completely honest. But at the same time, I liked it because it opened an opportunity for another installment. Now I'm really hoping that this movie will do well more on the box-office side just so the studios will continue the franchise. Also, I read somewhere, although I'm not sure if it's true, that Matt Damon would be open to do a Bourne movie with Renner. That would awesome. I'm calling it now, if that ever happens, that it will be a huge movie!

What I'm trying to say is, there are a lot of reasons to see the movie. Even if you don't have any reason, just go watch it and you'd still have the same feeling as the other people who got excited about it. It was tough, rough and edgy. It was hardcore and the action lived up to its hype. It's an amazing movie and I do hope people see it. The stars of the movie, and the director, made sure that they would give you a quality movie, and that in itself speaks of how great the movie was.

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August 08, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Smith was a 2005 action flick starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. It was directed by Doug Liman and was written by Simon Kinberg. To date, this still remains my favorite Angleina Jolie movie, although Wanted's a close second, and also my favorite Brad Pitt movie. This was the move that turned me into a huge fa of the so-called "Brangelina". Also part of the cast were Vince Vaughn, Kerry Washington, Adam Brody, Keith David, Michelle Monaghan, and Jennifer Morrison.The movie became a success in the box-office and let me tell you this, I was genuinely ecstatic that this movie did well.

As you probably know, this movie caused some controversy, one specifically pertaining to the destruction of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's marriage. This was the movie that brought Brad and Angelina together, which basically signaled the end of Brad and Jennifer Aniston. However, while we all know the stories or rumors that surrounded the movie, all of that are beyond the point. Since this is a movie blog, I'll stick with the movie and gear away from the issues and controversies.

I thought the movie was great. The story was a solid one and Simon Kinberg wrote a fantastic screenplay. After all it had to be good since Angelina Jolie took the project. I'm not really certain but from the looks of it, Angelina Jolie is very picky when it comes to the movies she'll do. If the story or the script is not good enough for her, she just won't do it. At least that's what I got from reading things on the internet. But yeah, I thought the story arcs within the basic plot were really thought out. The whole thing was coherent and everything jelled well. The problem of the movie was clear, the relationship of the two was firmly established, the resolution at the end of the movie was crystal clear.

The action sequences, which I thought was a very good selling point of the film, were also all impressive. It looked hot and it looked exciting. Both of them held their positions well. I liked that each encounter was a different one and none of it was boring. It was always passionate and at times, gut-wrenching. It was quite entertaining the fights they had, amusing but still feisty. What I liked even more, since both of them were spies, was how they kept their weapons. Sneaky and smart. I enjoyed finding out just where they put their guns and knives. I like good spy movies, and this was an exceptional one.

It's always amazing to see Angelina Jolie hold a gun cause she's really believable. She emanated that authority and she evoked fear. She's one bad-ass chick, and she knows it well. She's a firm woman when she handles these kinds of roles. I guess that's why she's the perfect choice for such roles. She always delivers and she always goes the extra mile to make sure that the movie will look good. That's how I see her as an actress, one that is truly devoted to what she does. Brad Pitt was also sensational in the movie. He matched the level of Angelina Jolie as he should. He took the character really well and was able to portray it an a genuine manner. Nothing overdone, and everything was balanced. The duo was just phenomenal together. I hope they make another movie. It won't be a sequel for Mr. and Mrs. Smith since they didn't like the story that was presented to them. But maybe another action movie. Hopefully.

The movie was very passionate and exhilarating. It was a lot of fun, a lot of laughs, and a lot of ass-kicking action. It was intense at times, and it was subtle at times. One thing's for sure though. There's never a dull moment in this movie. I can watch it over and over again and I still will have the same amount of enjoyment. Maybe that's just me. But I really liked it. It was hot and sexy!

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The Million Pound Note

The Million Pnd note was a 1954 British comedy movie starring Gregory Peck, probably most known for his role as Atticus in the film version of To Kill A Mockingbird ( ). It was directed by Ronald Neame and was written by Mark Twain and Jill Craigie based on Twain's short story. Also part of the cast were Ronald Squire, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Jane Griffiths, Joyce Grenfell, A.E. Matthews, and many other fantastic actors.

The plot of the story was actually amusing. It revolved around a million pound bank note, as the title suggested. Two brothers wanted to create a million pound note in order to undergo a certain bet. One believed that with a million pound note, a man would never have to spend for anything and still live comfortably, while the other one believed that the need to actually spend the money would still arise. The way they chose to settle it was through giving the note to a normal, poor man. The man, pkayed by Gregor Peck, then found himself in the middle of every social gathering, getting free food, clothes, and hotel accommodations. Everything was being handed to him, proving the hypothesis of the first brother; although by the end of the movie, it's very apparent that he wasn't entirely correct.

Probably because it was an old movie that it's not the comedy I'm familiar with. It's not like Step Brothers or Date Night or any other hysterical comedy movie that forced you to laugh out loud. Gregory Peck was not Will Ferrell or Steve Carrel. However, it was still quite amusing and very engaging. Maybe it was more of a slap stick comedy in parts, but I guess it was more of the whole situation was funny. Hell I;d laugh my ass off if people started giving things for free the moment I could afford to buy them. It's the irony that made this movie comedic, and probably a few particular scenes as well.

It was nice to see Gregory Peck on a lighter mood especially since the magnitude of his role as Atticus was really intense and somber. It was nice to see a smiling, relaxed Gregory Peck for a change. He also proved his versatility and the reason why he warranted the #12 spot of the greatest actors of all time. I personally think he should rank higher but 12 isn't a bad spot to begin with. He's a perfect choice for a lead role because his versatility could make things happen for him. The rest of the cast complemented his acting performance, and it was a sight to see how these different characters played along with each other.

I liked the movie. It was a short one but I was still able to greatly enjoy it. Maybe not a lot of people would enjoy it because it's an older movie, and not a lot of people nowadays enjoy watching old school movies. But you should. A lot of the greatest films ever made were made in the early parts of the film industry. You can follow me on twitter @sirfilmreviewer or email me at You can also follow this blog by checking the right side of the page. 

August 07, 2012

August Rush

I was never aware that such a movie was made. In fact out of all the cast, I only recognized three of them, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Alex O'Loughlin and William Sadler. Since I don't think it's a very popular movie, allow me to introduce it to you. August Rush was a 2007 drama movie that starred Freddie Higmhore, Keri Russell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Robin Williams, Terrence Howard, William Sadler, Alex O'Loughlin, Jamia Simone Nash and Leon G. Thomas. It was directed by Kirsten Sheridan and was written by Nick Castle, James V. Hart and Paul Castro. Although not at all familiar, it seems like the movie did modestly in the box-office so maybe it's a popular one and I just didn't know about it until now.

It was really a dramatic movie. It was about two musicians, their love story (or the lack thereof), the child that they never knew, and the bond that would eventually bring them together. The mood throughout the entire movie was that of a melancholic one. It was all about sadness, isolation, longing and suffering. However, at the same time, it was also about hope, chances, and positivity. I actually liked how the story unfolded. It wasn't as realistic as some people would want it to be, but there was a certain mystery and fantasy like element that made it "charming". I personally thought the story was a good one, and that the execution of it was spectacular.

What I loved about this movie was hat it was a giant celebration of music. It had wonderful melodies, beautiful songs and an excellent orchestra to back things up. It used different types of musical instruments like guitars, pianos, violins, cellos, flutes, and many more. It was a musical extravaganza and I liked every sound I heard. It featured classical music which I'm not really a big fan of. But because they added their own twist in it, modernizing the classics, it really appealed to me. The beats and rhythm they created using normal instruments were really worth taking note of.

It was a little surprising to see the cast in a musical element. I didn't know Jonathan Rhys Meyers could sing, and even Alex O'loughlin. I'm actually not sure if the actors were actually playing the instruments, but if they are, there's a whole lot more of respect that must be given to them. It was like a big jam session in a classical school. It actually could have been a school themed musical movie, and I probably would still enjoy it. The music featured just greatly appealed to me. It was also a nice introduction to Freddie Highmore, who apparently is already a big star having done multiple movies. The kid's really good and very believable. He had this innocence and fire that fit the character perfectly. It was also nice to be introduced to Keri Russell. I don't think I've seen any of her other works so this was a good starting point of getting to know her.

I read a comment that said that it's not a movie for everyone. While I understood the sentiment, probably because of the gravity of intense melancholy revolving around the movie, I still thought "Why not?" People always say that music is universal, and this movie had lots of music, and very good ones at that. I truly believe that it's a movie that people will appreciate, even if they don't entirely enjoy it. I just don't think it's possible to fully hate on this movie. I think people are bound to like at least parts of it at least. I even think that the music featured in this movie has the capacity to entice the viewers and make them feel the movie a little more.

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Megamind was a 2010 animated movie starring Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt, Tina Fey and Jonah Hill. It was directed by Tom McGrath, who I thought did a splendid job with the movie. It was written by Alan J. Schoolcraft and Brent Simmons. Also part of the cast were Ben Stiller, David Cross, J.K. Simmons, Justin Theroux, and Tom McGrath himself. It was well-received and also became a huge commercial success. It's not surprising. It's the kind of movie that for sure would do well in the box-office. It's an animated movie, had a very popular cast, had great visuals, and was really for the kids. I;m sure the parents were pleased to bring their kids to the movie house to see this. I'm even more sure that grown-ups had a fantastic time with this movie.

I guess it's becoming a trend now to use villains as a lead character and turn it into hero like in Monster's Inc. or Despicable Me. Actually the movie had the same general flow as Despicable Me. I don't know which came out first but I sort of felt bad for the second. I don't think it's possible not to compare the two. Same genre, same plot, equally successful. The plot revolved around a man who wanted to be prove how bad he was, he found himself being the good guy. As for me, I enjoyed Despicable Me just a little bit better. I had a few more laughs there. Megamind was also a pretty entertaining one though.

Megamind had an all star ensemble and they carried the movie for me. I wish they utilized Tina Fey's comedic skills though. She was sometimes witty but she could have done a lot more. Tina Fey is one of the funniest people and I think the material she got played her wit down a bit. They did maximize Will Ferrell and Jonah Hill. I thought the material they got, and the screen time they got made the movie. Will Ferrell was an excellent voice actor, and I also could picture Jonah Hill actually playing the character just by listening to him.  It was funny to hear the conversations of Will Ferrell and Jonah Hill and imagine a comedy movie with them as the stars. Step Brothers meets Superbad.

I would also say that the movie had amazing visuals. For an animated movie, the quality of the visuals they presented was through the roof. Since it's also a superhero movie, they improvised new weapons that only added value to an already stellar graphic movie. Also, it had a good musical score. I liked listening to the background music they had. Music plus visual graphics and it's paradise for me.

Overall, it was a good movie. It was funny and also entertaining. It was still good despite some of the things I would have changed. I'm thinking of watching it again just to see if it will be better the second time around. I think it will be. But still had a good time the first time. Will Ferrell, Tina Fey and Jonah Hill were stars in this movie, and their group dynamics presented a fun movie. It was fun and exciting, and also had a solid story.

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August 05, 2012

I Am Sam

I Am Sam was a 2001 drama movie starring Sean Penn, Michelle Pfeiffer and a very young Dakota Fanning.  Also part of the cast were Dianne West, Laura Hern, Richard Schiff, Loretta Devine, and many more. It was directed, co-produced, and co-written by Jessie Nelson.

To start things off, I wanted to share my side in a discussion I read on the internet how Sean Penn did not deserve to be nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in this movie. A lot of people claimed that Penn should not have been even nominated for the award for Best Actor. To that I say, why not? Clearly, he was able to portray a man far from his normal self. He was able to channel his inner abilities in order to portray in a believable manner a mentally inept man longing for the constant presence of his daughter. I thought he did very well and played the part to the best of his abilities. Maybe others deserved to win more. In fact, I would have picked Russell Crowe to win for A Beautiful Mind. However, I wouldn't go as far as saying Sean Penn didn't deserve the nomination.

The story was all about love, parenting, relationships, and social norms. I thought those were the themes of the movie and everything mashed up rather well. It's a story about a man with an intelligence of a 7 year old who had a kid with a woman after the said woman stayed in his home. This left Sam, played by Sean Penn, alone to raise his daughter, played by Fanning. It showcased their unusual relationship wherein both were being kids. At one point, the kid even wanted to stop her intellectual development just so the father wouldn't feel bad. It's those complications that the movie focused at that made this movie a little bit different.

The movie sort of became a legal drama when people started thinking Sam was an unfit father and letting Lucy, the kid, stay with him would be unwise. Allowing Lucy to live with his father, they thought, would be a hindrance to the development of the kid and might not allow her to reach her potential. This was where Michelle Pfeiffer entered as a career driven woman who had family troubles of her own. Not wanting to represent Sam at first, she was slowly forced to take his case to prove a point to her colleagues, a personal one at that. Things then started to change and a relationship was built between them. The movie explored how different kinds of people meet each other and relate to one another.

I first saw the movie when I was still very young. I don't think DVDs were already around that time. It was shown in our school, and during those times, I'd really just want to watch a movie than listen to lectures. I remember people getting really invested in the movie, wanting for Sam t win the case and get his daughter back. There was such a reaction, and I guess that was what our teacher was hoping for. I forgot the discussion that happened after the movie, but I'm pretty sure it was about the lessons we all should learn from this movie.

Actually, the reason I decided to watch this movie again was because I've forgotten a lot about it. I remember liking it before but I couldn't remember why. I guess watching it for the second time reminded me why. It was a good movie. It was moving and it had a lot of good messages. It had great actors, and it launched Dakota Fanning's career big time. You might want to check that out.

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August 04, 2012

Mystic River

I was afraid at first to watch the movie because up until this point, I've liked every single movie I've seen directed by Clint Eastwood. I've been impressed by all his works that I thought watching another of his movies might change that. I'm not saying I thought the movie was going to be bad, it's just that I thought it was impossible to like everything he's done.But after watching it, I can say that it is possible. I've seen a lot of Eastwood directed movies, and I thought there might be a time when I would be disappointed. This was not that time. Mystic River was an excellent movie. I had an unbelievable experience watching it.

Mystic River was a 2003 drama movie starring Sean Penn, Tim Robbins and Kevin Bacon as three childhood friends who lived different lives after an incident that changed everything. It was written, produced and directed by the the talented Clint Eastwood. The screenplay was written by Brian Helgeland. Also part of the cast were Laurence Fishburne, Marcia Gay Harden, Laura Linney, Emmy Rossum, Tom Guiry, and more. Sean Penn and Tim Robbins went on to win their first Academy Awards, winning Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor respectively. The movie also performed well in the box-office, pleasing both critics and regular audiences.

The story started with a time when the three kids were friends, playing games with one another, doing regular things kids do. They were friends. After decades, after life forced them to grow up, almost everything changed. They were no longer the three friends who ran free. In fact, they were no longer friends. The story narrates of how these three men ended up as almost strangers. The movie tackles the different back stories of each character, and how it ultimately connects them to one another. It's a movie that tells a tragic story. It was a story worth telling, and the way it was told was appropriate and complementary to the message of the film. The whole somber atmosphere aided the narration of the destruction of a once strong friendship.

I liked how every one ended up with a different life in the same neighborhood. Jimmy, the cool kid, became a crook who went clean. Sean, the live by the rules kid, ended up as a homicide detective. Dave, the trying to fit in kid, ended up as a almost messed up adult. These are not their characterizations. These are just short descriptions of how each character looked like to me. Just personal observations. Going back, I really liked the plot of the story. It was heavy drama, but at least it had substance. It wasn't about the tears as there was almost none. But it was a tragedy, a depressing one at that as well. It had pain and terror around it. It was a little dark and filled with tension. It's a crime movie as well so it had some serious moments, some disturbing and some depressing.

I thought Sean Penn and Tim Robbins both deserve the awards they got. Sean Penn was scary in this  movie. Not horror scary but more of Psycho scary. At the same time, I still sympathized with him and everything he was going through. He's a man in pain, suffering because he lost someone important to him, someone he loved. Tim Robbins on the other hand, who will always be Andy Dufrense, was also filled with the same pain of going through a terrible experience as a kid. I saw him as a man who's troubled with wanting to set everything right. His experiences led him to a life of fear, but at the same time a life with a drive to be the best person he could be, although the line's blurry for him.

Kevin Bacon was the anti-thesis of both characters. I guess it was already clear from the beginning of the film that he's the good one. I'm surprised at the variety of roles he has played throughout his career. From the guy in Footloose to Sean in Mystic River, his resume has to be one of the most diverse resumes in Hollywood. Another surprise for me was that Tom Guiry's career didn't boom after this movie. The movie became successful, and he demonstrated his great acting skills. I thought this would be a movie that would catapult him to Hollywood stardom, even getting on the A-List. He was really good in the movie and it's disappointing that not a lot of people noticed. I' glad to find out he's still working as an actor, but I hope he makes it big soon cause he's one seriously talented actor and he deserves more recognition.

Clint Eastwood has to be one of God's gift to the film industry. He's a talented actor, and even more impressive as a director. He really knows what scenes to create, which shots to take, and how to aim the camera towards the actors. He knows how to work with everything and the end products of his films are always delightful to watch. His talent radiates and I'm proud to say that I'm a big Clint Eastwood supporter.  Mystic River was really good and I hope whoever can read this will check it out. It had a great story line, great actors, great director, great scenery. It was a simple yet embedding movie.

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To Kill A Mockingbird

I never liked reading books. My philosophy has been, "If there's a movie, why read the book?" However in this instance, I finished the book long before I even found out there's a movie. To Kill A Mockingbird was probably the first required reading from school that I actually finished. Not only that, I genuinely liked it. From the first few pages til the very end, I liked it. I liked the detailed description of everything, the strength of such a story, and the lessons that can be learned. I liked the characterization of every single person in the story, from Atticus, to his kids, to Tom, to the villains, to the people in the periphery. It was well-written and very interesting that I ended up finishing, and liking a required reading for school for the first time. That's pretty amazing, cause I never liked reading.

Apparently, in 1962, the movie version of it was released. It starred Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch, Mary Badham as Scout Finch and Phillip Alford as Jem Finch. It also starred Rovert Duvall as Boo Radley (one of the best characters in my opinion in any lietary genre), John Megna as Dill Harris, Brock Peters as Tom Robinson, and James K. Anderson as Bob Ewell. I thought the movie stuck to the book. It stayed true and honest with the details presented in the book. There mught be a few tiny discrepancies, but as a whole it's a moving version of the book. I remember watching some scenes and remembering reading it in the book. I thought that was pretty insane.

The story revolves around Atticus who got assigned to defend Tom Robinson, an African-American male accused of raping a Caucasian woman. If you look back in history, you'd know that during the time the book was written, and probably even the time it got released, racism was a very prevalent matter. Up to now, some people still just can't get over the issue of race. Imagine the times back then. This was the main dilemma of the movie. Atticus is put in a tough position because on one hand, he doesn't want to jeopardize his position in his society and put his kids through unnecessary trouble. On the other hand, he also had a duty to defend Tom who he believed was innocent. Obviously, he picked the latter. Fortunately, his kids, Jem and Scout were mature enough to understand the gravity of what Atticus was doing. It was breaking the rules of society, it was revolutionizing the way people treated each other, and it was a direct , firm stand to sacrifice everything he's got to prove that the man was innocent. I want to leave it up to you to watch it to see how the story goes. But trust me it's a good one.

Another element in the story was the presence of Boo Radley. Boo didn't physically appear until much later in the movie. It's one of the best elements because it tackles judging other people in a different manner. It was all about perspective about him. He was created to be the monster in the movie, violent and not to be trusted. The author of the book toyed with him here and there, and the movie made sure to do the exact same thing. He was an interesting character and I thought one of the reasons why the movie was just as good as the book.

Gregory Peck did so well in this movie. Everytime he talked, I listened. He commanded attention and made sure it was all worth it. I've always considered To Kill A Mockingbird the best courtroom drama movie ever, mostly because I felt the authenticity of it much thanks to Gregory Peck. He's the kind of hero I root for, and the kind of person I wish I could be. Just with this movie, I became a fan of Gregory Peck. He could have had terrible movies and I still would be a fan. He was that good in this. The kids who played Jem and Scout were also amazing. It was funny reading different stories about these kids, especially about the scene where Jem and Scout were playing with Dill. These kids, at such a young age, managed to tackle an impossible feature. It was commendable for all the right reasons.

I really liked this movie. In fact, I can watch it over and over again and I'm sure I won't get tired. It's always inspiring to see it. I've seen it quite a few times, and I always end up in awe of the production. I wish more people would not only watch it, but also read the book. I've never endorsed a book before, but I am condfident in saying most of you will love it. It's a classic, which might turn off some; but try it, and you might get surprised of how much you're gonna like it. As for the movie, I suggest you watch it after reading the book, but watching it first is just as fine. The bottom line is, both the book and the movie were works of brilliance and it must be shared toe everyone. It's one of my favorite movies of all time.

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August 03, 2012

Yes Man

I was about to write a long post, but decided that a shorter one will best suit this movie.

Yes Man was a 2008 comedy movie starring Jim Carrey as Carl, a man who decides to say yes to everything after attending a seminar. It also starred Zoory Deschanel as his love interest, Bradley Cooper, Sasha Alexander, Danny Masterson, Terrence Stamp, John Michael Higgins, Rhys Darby, and a whole lot more. It was directed by Peyton Reed and was written by Nicholas Stoller, Jarrad Paul, and Andrew Mogel. It was based on the story of Danny Wallace wherein he decided to just say yes!

It wasn't as funny as I expected, but still a lot of fun. I grew up watching Jim Carrey movies, watching him contort his face in all possible directions. While others find it annoying, I find it hilarious. His antics still brought the Jim Carrey label of fun in this movie.Some of the jokes in the movie was not funny at all, but somehow I ended up smiling whenever it was Carrey delivering those lines. I know he's not as active now as he was before, but it's good to know that he still can make a movie like this, and a pretty successful one as well.

I think the whole Yes thing was not supposed to be taken literally. I am not too familiar with the story of Danny Wallace, but I assume his  point was not to actually say yes to everything. We also have to discern before we act. Personally, I interpreted the movie as finding happiness in the little tings, going out of your comfort zone to realize there are a lot more things to be appreciative about. In our world today, people are becoming more selfish, maybe, and this movie portrayed how a simple can act can do good to another. It even showed the consequences of the wrong decisions we'd probably made. It's not about saying yes to everything, but being more open to opportunities, and to life in general. It's about living.

Probably not the best movie, not even my favorite Jim Carrey movie, but it was still pretty good. Jim Carrey is still a star in my perspective and his movies always make me feel good. It was not awe-nspiring, but it was inspiring nonetheless. I had a great time watching it. Was able to squeeze in a few laughs, and just sat on my chair feeling good about it. It was so relaxing and entertaining.

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