August 08, 2012

The Million Pound Note

The Million Pnd note was a 1954 British comedy movie starring Gregory Peck, probably most known for his role as Atticus in the film version of To Kill A Mockingbird ( ). It was directed by Ronald Neame and was written by Mark Twain and Jill Craigie based on Twain's short story. Also part of the cast were Ronald Squire, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Jane Griffiths, Joyce Grenfell, A.E. Matthews, and many other fantastic actors.

The plot of the story was actually amusing. It revolved around a million pound bank note, as the title suggested. Two brothers wanted to create a million pound note in order to undergo a certain bet. One believed that with a million pound note, a man would never have to spend for anything and still live comfortably, while the other one believed that the need to actually spend the money would still arise. The way they chose to settle it was through giving the note to a normal, poor man. The man, pkayed by Gregor Peck, then found himself in the middle of every social gathering, getting free food, clothes, and hotel accommodations. Everything was being handed to him, proving the hypothesis of the first brother; although by the end of the movie, it's very apparent that he wasn't entirely correct.

Probably because it was an old movie that it's not the comedy I'm familiar with. It's not like Step Brothers or Date Night or any other hysterical comedy movie that forced you to laugh out loud. Gregory Peck was not Will Ferrell or Steve Carrel. However, it was still quite amusing and very engaging. Maybe it was more of a slap stick comedy in parts, but I guess it was more of the whole situation was funny. Hell I;d laugh my ass off if people started giving things for free the moment I could afford to buy them. It's the irony that made this movie comedic, and probably a few particular scenes as well.

It was nice to see Gregory Peck on a lighter mood especially since the magnitude of his role as Atticus was really intense and somber. It was nice to see a smiling, relaxed Gregory Peck for a change. He also proved his versatility and the reason why he warranted the #12 spot of the greatest actors of all time. I personally think he should rank higher but 12 isn't a bad spot to begin with. He's a perfect choice for a lead role because his versatility could make things happen for him. The rest of the cast complemented his acting performance, and it was a sight to see how these different characters played along with each other.

I liked the movie. It was a short one but I was still able to greatly enjoy it. Maybe not a lot of people would enjoy it because it's an older movie, and not a lot of people nowadays enjoy watching old school movies. But you should. A lot of the greatest films ever made were made in the early parts of the film industry. You can follow me on twitter @sirfilmreviewer or email me at You can also follow this blog by checking the right side of the page. 

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