August 21, 2012

The Expendables 2

I had the chance to check out The Expendables 2 and it was freakin' awesome! I personally thought it improved almost everything, the cast, the script, the sequences. That's a lot considering how great the first one was. They elevated the intensity of it. The start of the movie this time was way better than the one they had last time, though the last one was pretty exciting as well. Right from the get-go it was heavy fighting, gun shooting chaos. It was also very graphic which made it really gory, but at the same time, the artistry was just impeccable.

Liam Hemsworth, Chuck Norris, Arnold Schwarzenneger, Bruce Willis, Jean Calude Van Damme, Yu Nan, and Scott Adkins were all great additions to the film. They really added more value to the film, not only ith their presence but with their dedication as well to make the movie really believable and engaging. I did notice the considerable decrease in dialogues among the other cast members though like Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews and Randy Couture. Maybe it's because they added so much people, they weren't able to keep the others on the spotlight. The secondary characters became even more secondary upon the arrival of te new guys. But this cast was really awesome so it's a little hard to complain.

I thought the sequel was much better this time, utilizing a lot of puns and witty remarks. They used different references pertaining to one another's life, and that escalated the comedic value of the movie. It had a much simpler story though. I guess they just kept it simple. What I did notice though was how this time, it didn't focus on just fighting and killing off the enemies. This time, it featured some dramatic scenes, some incredibly hilarious ones as well. It had less romance, but don't worry ladies, there's a little something there on that department,

For a movie with a lot of older actors in its principal cast, the movie felt modern and young. Even if a lot of people call the cast old, no one could deny that it didn't show. They were as agile as the young ones. It's funny cause they used it as a joke in the movie, a running joke how they had all become old and slow. However if you watch the fight scenes, it really showed that these actors still could do the scenes. The fighting scenes were magnificent, really impressive. I'd say the most impressive one when it came to the action scenes were Jason Statham who really worked the knives and guns really well. His scenes were the most exciting ones for me.

My one complaint was how short Jet Li's screentime was. As a big Jet Li fan, I was hoping he would be used in this movie more. I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but I also felt they underutilized him last time. He had minimal lines, and little to do. He's a known fighter yet the movie didn't capitalize on that. This time was much worse. As one of the main stars of the movie, I didn't understand why he had even less things to do in the sequel. (SPOILER!) If you go see it and you see him getting off the plane, say goodbye, you're never gonna see him again.

Definitely a must check-out movie. It's currently at the top of the box-office now, and I think it;s gonna stay there for at least another week, I don't see any movie knocking them down just yet. If you want action, suspense, drama, and comedy in one movie, this is the movie you must see.

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