August 08, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Smith was a 2005 action flick starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. It was directed by Doug Liman and was written by Simon Kinberg. To date, this still remains my favorite Angleina Jolie movie, although Wanted's a close second, and also my favorite Brad Pitt movie. This was the move that turned me into a huge fa of the so-called "Brangelina". Also part of the cast were Vince Vaughn, Kerry Washington, Adam Brody, Keith David, Michelle Monaghan, and Jennifer Morrison.The movie became a success in the box-office and let me tell you this, I was genuinely ecstatic that this movie did well.

As you probably know, this movie caused some controversy, one specifically pertaining to the destruction of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's marriage. This was the movie that brought Brad and Angelina together, which basically signaled the end of Brad and Jennifer Aniston. However, while we all know the stories or rumors that surrounded the movie, all of that are beyond the point. Since this is a movie blog, I'll stick with the movie and gear away from the issues and controversies.

I thought the movie was great. The story was a solid one and Simon Kinberg wrote a fantastic screenplay. After all it had to be good since Angelina Jolie took the project. I'm not really certain but from the looks of it, Angelina Jolie is very picky when it comes to the movies she'll do. If the story or the script is not good enough for her, she just won't do it. At least that's what I got from reading things on the internet. But yeah, I thought the story arcs within the basic plot were really thought out. The whole thing was coherent and everything jelled well. The problem of the movie was clear, the relationship of the two was firmly established, the resolution at the end of the movie was crystal clear.

The action sequences, which I thought was a very good selling point of the film, were also all impressive. It looked hot and it looked exciting. Both of them held their positions well. I liked that each encounter was a different one and none of it was boring. It was always passionate and at times, gut-wrenching. It was quite entertaining the fights they had, amusing but still feisty. What I liked even more, since both of them were spies, was how they kept their weapons. Sneaky and smart. I enjoyed finding out just where they put their guns and knives. I like good spy movies, and this was an exceptional one.

It's always amazing to see Angelina Jolie hold a gun cause she's really believable. She emanated that authority and she evoked fear. She's one bad-ass chick, and she knows it well. She's a firm woman when she handles these kinds of roles. I guess that's why she's the perfect choice for such roles. She always delivers and she always goes the extra mile to make sure that the movie will look good. That's how I see her as an actress, one that is truly devoted to what she does. Brad Pitt was also sensational in the movie. He matched the level of Angelina Jolie as he should. He took the character really well and was able to portray it an a genuine manner. Nothing overdone, and everything was balanced. The duo was just phenomenal together. I hope they make another movie. It won't be a sequel for Mr. and Mrs. Smith since they didn't like the story that was presented to them. But maybe another action movie. Hopefully.

The movie was very passionate and exhilarating. It was a lot of fun, a lot of laughs, and a lot of ass-kicking action. It was intense at times, and it was subtle at times. One thing's for sure though. There's never a dull moment in this movie. I can watch it over and over again and I still will have the same amount of enjoyment. Maybe that's just me. But I really liked it. It was hot and sexy!

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