February 16, 2013

Pitch Perfect

The film was a simple movie. No twists, exploding cars or out of this world creatures. No CGIs or insane graphics. It was just about a group of people who sing acapella music. "All with [their] mouths," as the mpvie said. The idea of it isn't as exciting as Transformers or Avengers, but somehow I still liked it. It was actually recommended by my brother who told me it was good. I'd have to agree with him on that one. I like music as well so that was a huge added bonus.

Anna Kendrick was not only beautiful in this movie, she definitely showcased her vocal range. Everyone did, but Kendrick was the biggest surprise for me. I've seen Kendrick in films like 50/50 which was also a good film. But with this, I was even more impressed by her. She's definitely a star on the rise, and I think she'll go really far. She's beautiful and very talented. She has everything going for her and I can't wait to see her next move/movie. Another surprise was Brittany Snow. I guess Hairspray really helped her. Her presence in the movie was so charming and warm, I just was drawn to her. But the biggest treat in the whole movie was Rebel Wilson. Her crystal meth line was right on the money, and people will for sure remember that scene for a long time. She was a very vital ingredient in this movie, and she was an absolute delight.

The guys of the movie didn't fall behind. Skylar Astin, Ben Platt and Adam DeVine were getting really into it. The three characters were so different but perfectly complemented each other.  It was a good guy bad guy kind of thing, and it added entertainment quality to the movie. One of my favorite performances was Magic, led by Platt. I already liked the song before but it was cool the way they did it. The choreography was also fun. It's one of those I'd gladly watch over and over again. Freddie Stroma, who played the campus DJ, and John Benjamin Hickey, who played Beca's father weren't singin in the movie; yet, somehow they still managed to stand out as well. They didn't have a lot of scenes but they both seized every moment of their time.

The choice of music in this movie was smart. It ranged from oldies to current songs. I thought that had widened its audience. For sure it will mostly be young kids, but at least if adults came to see the movie, they'd still enjoy it. Maybe enjoy the twists and mas-ups made to the songs. As mentioned, I liked Magic, but I also liked Kendrick's version of Titanium, and her mash-up of the Bella's signature song with the pop song Bulletproof. I thought that was sick. It meshed up really well and it was very well-done. So whoever thought of that, kudos to you. The song selections were all pretty good. I wasn't aware of some of them so I guess it was good that they didn't go full mainstream, or at least not my mainstream.

It's a fun movie. Nothing too dramatic, lots of funny moments, much thanks to Wilson and Hana Mae Lee, the silent star of the show. Those two definitely brought their funny bones to the movie. Also, allow me to say that I was very shocked to see Ester Dean in this movie, especially in a role like that. Never imagined i'd be seeing her sing a Kelly Clarkson song. How's that for something new? But really, the movie was an uplifting fun movie. It provided quality entertainment and a fun loving singing atmosphere. The stars shone, and I think they all will continue to do so.

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