February 02, 2013


I just realized I never put this one up. I had it written before and I thought I had placed it on the blog until I realized I didn't. So, here it is.

Lincoln has the most number of nominations in the Oscars; and nominated for even more in other award giving bodies. It's a crowd favorite, and people are already expecting the film to take home a number of awards, not only in the Osacrs but at the Golden Globes, the SAG awards, and other institutions that cater to awarding and rewarding quality films.And I'll tell you it is a quality film indeed. It's a very special movie that deserves all the attention it's getting.

I guess the subject itself had everything to do with the success of this movie. It's about the presidency of one of the most known American presidents, the passing of an amendment in the United Constitutions that changed millions of lives, a civil war, and the aftermath of the said events. The subject matter of the movie was so thick that it offered a variety in 2 and a half hours. It had history, drama, war, politics, and a whole lot more. These subject for sure played a role and served as a driving force for people to take notice on the film. It's a huge commentary and portrayal of real people and how and where they stood on a political and social movement. It's something that would spark interest among the public, especially people from America. It may also interest people from other countries for either its topic or its entertainment value. There were a lot of reasons why this movie could be a success, and a success it had become.

It was not however sufficient to have a controversial movie. It had to be done the right way as well. The people behind this movie had to execute every little detail for the movie to work, to satisfy the viewing public. With the attention already on their side, they had to make sure that the movie they would show will be as exquisite as it possibly could be. It had to be brilliant and captivating. I personally felt that the movie did all that and even more. The clarity of the story line was superb. It had a clear chronological order in way that laid out the facts, the people involved and the direction it was going to take. It was clean. That's how I saw it. A clean story with a presence.

The direction of Speilberg on this movie was magnificent. Totally in control, and it just showed how great he is at his craft. The scenes the movie produced were all strong and effective. The drama behind every scene was just full of different emotions. The way he captured the expressions of the actors in the movie was very impressive. He managed to create a powerful film keeping in mind the strength of the message the movie had.  I don't know, I was just impressed by the strength of this movie. It was amazing. It was at a level of my being blown away by Schindler's List.

People say Daniel Day Lewis is a lock for Best Actor, and a huge part of me wishes it's true. He was absolutely amazing and his portrayal of the president was heart-warming, to say the least. He was on cue in everything, showed a wide range of persona and emotions, captured the true essence of what the movie was about. He's truly a fantastic actor. I had chills during one scene where he was arguing with Sally Field. That scene was perfect as it had the right amount of push and pull, the dialogues complemented what was happening and the camera captured the heartbreak and frustration of both individuals. That's also the scene that made me realize I want him (and her) to win at the Oscars. As much as Bradley Cooper surprised me in Silver Linings Playbook, I really want to see Daniel Day Lewis win big.

The entire ensemble was a huge huge part of what made this movie. Tommy Lee Jones and his character as a whole was someone I really rooted for. All those senators who played part in the Democrat-Republican battle for the amendment added flavor and spark to this already incredible movie. All these people were part of the reason why I liked this movie.

I'm not sure if the movie will win big come Oscars night. I'm still wishing Argo has a shot, but I'll be pleased whatever the results are. From the looks of it, all nominees are great. I've seen most and I'd say the Academy has a strong pool of contenders. It really shouldn't matter which movie would take home the big awards (but of course everyone will still be awaiting the results).

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