February 03, 2013

Chinese Zodiac

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I'm not sure if the rumors are true, but some of my friends say Chinese Zodiac will be Jackie Chan's last action movie. I've actually read an article that said that Jackie Chan will stop making such movies, but I'm not entirely sure if Chinese Zodiac will be the last. Jackie Chan has made a lot of entertaining martial arts-comedy films, it would be a huge loss for him to stop doing so. But since he does most of his stunts, I guess he just knows there's a limit to his physicality and wants to make sure people will remember all his work as movies that never disappoint.

I was told before watching the movie that it wasn't a very good one. That it was a little disappointing and a bit rough. I went in anyway because if this is the last time I see Jackie Chan fight, I want to witness it on the big screen. I didn't find it bad. In fact I was thoroughly entertained by it. I was hugely surprised by how funny it was, and it was very evident that people in the cinema were all enjoying and having a great time. It played on Jackie Chan's ability to be humorous, it added shock and excitement along with it as well. The fight scenes were very well choreographed, and it was a bit dangerous. It had that flare and it was exhilarating. A very fun movie.

It's true that the story got a little blurry. Things suddenly didn't make sense. It started raising questions it never answered. The story line went all over the place. I guess that's the biggest flaw of the movie. I didn't understand a couple of scenes, and hoped that it would be explained later on but it never came full circle. Some things were left unanswered. But other than that it maintained its entertainment quality. I guess the whole movie showcased Jackie Chan's greatest strength: fast-paced action scenes and ridiculous funny persona. These two qualities definitely were defining elements of the movie and practically helped the film boost its value.

It had incredible stunts and technology. Starting off with the skater body suit. I want that one for myself. It seemed fun and looks like Jackie Chan enjoyed it as well. They also had these awesome gadgets which I know can't be real, but it's nice to see the creativity. It employed a lot of things to offer different scenarios, different props to make it a diversified movie. In terms of stunts, I felt like Jackie Chan did some things he has never done before. Each sequence felt and looked different from the other and it was a pleasure to watch every one of them.

While the film had its faults, I guess true fans of Jackie Chan would not be disappointed. Everyone should admire what he did in the film at his age. A true artist I would say. Also, I think we have to be impressed how much Chan invested in the movie, taking on practically every major role in movie making: director, producer, writer, and actor. That's complete faith in one's ability and I hope he feels proud. After all it did make a lot of money.

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