February 25, 2013

A Good Day to Die Hard

I've never seen the other Die Hard movies, which is a good thing because the reviews for this one haven't been very favorable. It's a good thing because I have nothing to compare it too, which made me enjoy it fa more than a lot of people, apparently. I actually didn't get the hate. It was entertaining, had constant action, had a decent story to follow. I guess true Die Hard fans could react the way they did since they've been the ones loyally following the franchise. As a newcomer, I thought what I saw was pretty good.

When I said there was constant action, I really meant it. Guns were being fired, people were being chased, cars were being destroyed in many ways all the time. Before one can even recover from the previous gun show, there's another one being presented to you. Time flew really fast because of this. One minute they're crushing every car on the streets of Russia, the next moment they're involved in a gun fight; and just within a few minutes, they're running for their life to a dumpster. There was a constant movement, and the shift added the sense of danger and excitement.

I also liked the twists presented in the movie. I'm not only talking about the twists in the plot, but the twists on the characterization as well. The characters were very round and the transforming of these personas was amazing. I especially liked how the villain became the villain. It was a perfect execution and a bit unexpected. I was actually impressed by how dark it was, and I liked the fact that I was surprised by it.

Jai Courtney was incredible in this film. He was a great choice to play Willis' son. He had everything going right for him. He had the charisma, the power, and the skills t kick some ass in that movie. He was believable. I'd have to say though that Willis is still the star of the film. I really like his character here. Funny, witty, but still strong. He still got the movies even after all those years. He's still as sharp as ever, and he still has what it takes to define action. He was magnificent! The pair of them brought humor and deadliness together, and mashed it up perfectly.They had balance with just the right amount of pushing and pulling.

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