January 02, 2012


I have always thought of who could be as badass as Angelina Jolie when it comes to action films. I have watched Angelina Jolie's films such as Wanted, Salt, and one of my favorites, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I have always said that no other actress can pull off those kind of roles as well as her. Well, I think I have an answer to that now - Zoe Saldana. This may seem like over patronizing Zoe Saldana but I was just really impressed by her.  To be honest, the only films of her I knew before seeing Columbiana was the box-office success Avatar where she starred alongside Sam Worthington and The Losers. I liked both films a lot, but Columbiana was the movie where she impressed the most, in my honest opinion.

All things changed when I saw Columbiana. I became a huge fan of her after this film - so big a fan that I read her Wikipedia page and searched videos of her other works online. The film revolved around her character, Cataleya, and her journey to avenge the deaths of her parents. It's not a new storyline, and I wish I could say it's something new. However, I will say that with a common storyline, this film can still grab you. I know the film grabbed me. It was full of excitement and it made me want to know what would happen next, how things will turn out. The ending was a little too predictable too, but the last scene was just something I did not expect. The last scene was so well played that I felt depressed after watching it. It had a similar ending to The Town (I wrote a review on The Town a couple of months ago).

Zoe Saldana is a star I look forward to seeing again. I read somewhere that they are making a sequel to Avatar (I think there are two of them) which will be released in 2014 and maybe 2015. She looked stunning in Columbiana yet that was not the most impressive aspect. Her brilliance in her craft is just astounding. She's one outstanding actress and people should start noticing her talent more. She took on the role of Cataleya and made me accompany her through her journey of revenge. I felt her passion and intensity, yet her subtlety and innocence also radiated.

I should say though that she was not the only star of the film. Michael Vartan was outstanding as well. Sure his role was not as prominent, but he made every single second of his screen time count. His portrayal of a lovedrunk artist who has fallen in love with a killer was effective and enjoyable. I felt his desire and heartache. The ending scene was so compelling because of how Zoe Saldana and Michael Vartan acted it out. It was genuine and pure and it made me feel the pain they were going through. Cliff Curtis was also briliiant in his portrayal of Cataleya's uncle. I did not know who he was, and this was his first film I've seen. I'm glad it was though.

I read that the film was not as well received as other films by some of the critics. I am no critic.t. I liked the film a lot, and maybe there were some issues with it. I found it to be the kind of film I would love to watch again. I am no professional but I thought the movie was excellent. I understand the issues the critics presented though, but I liked the film too much I'm willing to let the issues slide.

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