April 29, 2012

Good Day For It

Good Day For It is an independent film starring Robert Patrick. I've become a fan of Robert Patrick after watching Bridge to Terabithia (http://mrfilmreviewer.blogspot.com/2012/04/bridge-to-terabithia.html) and I decided to see his other works. I've seen his other films but he only had supporting roles, so I decided to pick this one.

The movie had the same vibe as Winter's Bone, the independent film that led to the Oscar nomination of Jennifer Lawrence(which she clearly deserved).  My review of it here: http://mrfilmreviewer.blogspot.com/2012/04/winters-bone.html I saw a lot of similarities between the two films. First of all it had the independent vibe. The shots, the cinematography, a lot of things were indetical. Even the stories had parallelisms. I couldn't help but have flashbacks of Winter's Bone while watching the film. I do think that both were strong films.

The story revolved the reunion of a father and child. It was a slow-paced drama, and I don't usually enjoy films that move slowly. That was why I found it hard a bit to sit through the first few minutes. I felt that it was really going slow and I was starting to lose my interest. I guess I stayed because I believe that it would get better, and because I think Robert Patrick would not disappoint.

The whole movie moved slowly, but it still progressed. It retained its calm atmosphere for the most part. It had a couple of fight scenes as well, and that made the film more exciting. I guess that's the trend in independent films. They go for subtlety. Maybe I've been spoiled by studio films that tend to rush things in movies in order to create this fast-paced action flicks. I would say though that I actually liked the stillness of the film, probably because it was different. In my opinion, it still progressed constantly to make me want to see what would happen next.

It showcased the talent Robert Patrick has. He can do drama and action. It looked weird cause he looked a lot older than he did in Bridge to Terabithia, which was released just a few years before this film. I guess that's part of the conception of the film. However, looking old or not, no one can deny the greatness of Robert Patrick. He's easily one of the best actors out there. (I also read it somewhere that he's one of the most professional actors)

Robert Patrick was not the only star of the film. I honestly think this film had a pretty strong cast. I want to mention however the awesomeness of Hal Holbrook. He was amazing in this. Other standouts for me were Sarah, Emily, Rose and the Deputy. All of them gave strong performances. I think each character represented something, and that's what I liked about the interactions of the characters. My interpretations might be far from what the filmmakers intended to do, but as a viewer, I liked the thought process my mind was going through.

The film was predictable, but I think the ending was not as important as the development of the story. I think the story aimed at discussing the progression of how a kid finally met her dad. The unfortunate fact that on the day of their reunion, the dad was spotted by his enemies. The whole conception of it I think was strong enough to carry the film. The actors made it even better. Nick Stagliano definitely did a good job in this.

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