April 25, 2012

Two After Noon

Two After Noon is a short written and directed by Wesley Chan, and produced by Wong Fu Productions. I've had the privilege to watch it several weeks ago, when they screened it for their Asia tour back in March. I've also wanted to do a short review of it, but decided not to since it wouldn't be uploaded yet. I just waited for WFP to upload it and now here it is.

To watch the video, you can click the link here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fh4Jict1Xko&list=UUutXfzLC5wrV3SInT_tdY0w&feature=plcp direct from WFP's channel.

To start off, I'd like to say that while watching this short, I kept thinking "This would be a really good full-length film." It had an interesting concept, had the right materials, a very well-written script. The short itself was nothing short of excellence. It was great in all levels.

The starting scene worked for me since it employed visuals and audio in such a calm manner. Within seconds, the premise of the whole short was given and the audience were invited to see how the idea would develop. That starting scene grabbed my attention and never let go.

The script was phenomenal. There was a subtle wordplay in every conversation, alluding to the events that were happening. It was funny, but it also had that kick that made my heart ache a bit (just a bit). The cinematography was also exceptional. Sure they only needed a wall, a car, a couple of chairs by the window for their set; but the way they utilized it was what impressed me the most. It just showed the level of craftsmanship that went to directing. It also helped that the actors were phenomenal. They delivered the lines, their chemistry was undeniable, and they both were believable.  I like how this was constructed to feel light (I think), and yet still have that power and emotion. I guess that's what Wong Fu Production's all about: making quality videos and delivering all the goods any viewer can ever want.

People will have different interpretations of any video or film or music or whatever. After all, we all come from different contexts, and we perceive things based on these contexts. For my own interpretation, I guess I saw different social elements being tackled in the 7 minute film. Chance meet-ups, that moment you meet someone and you're completely drawn to that person. I guess in 7 minutes it showcased the cycle of a relationship. The meet-up, the high of being together, developing feelings for each other, and in an unexpected moment, the realization that the possibility of heading towards different directions is very present.  We always meet people, we like most of them. We try to hang out with the people we enjoy being with. However, there are times when different paths will be laid in front of you, and each of you will take the path they want.

I also liked the positivity of this short, or the faith it has for humanity. I liked how the guy persuaded the girl that maybe something unexpected just happened which led to her date not arriving on time. I guess it's a hit on the way a lot of people think now, judgung people and assuming the worst in them. But this short shows that sometimes, we just have to have a little faith.

This short, although presented in a romantic manner, inspects different kinds of relationship. This can even portray one of friendship, and not of romance. We can all have our interpretations. However, no one can deny the level of artistry this short film possesses. This is a powerful, well-made film. It will be a shame to miss it (It's being shared for free! Grab the chance and watch it!)

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