April 23, 2012

Iron Man 2

For some reason while watching Iron Man 2, I kept thinking I've seen a few of its scenes already, even though this was my first time watching it. I was so sure I had already seen the scene where Hammer brings Ivan in his office/lab. It bothered me a little but not too much that I didn't enjoy what I was seeing. Iron Man 2 is great in so many levels.

Out of all the Marvel movies created, I think Iron Man (both films) had the most entertaining script. I think it's because of the whole characterization of Tony Stark that allows script writers to play with different kinds of humor. In effect, they produce witty and hilarious dialogues. Other superhero films dazzle the audience with effects, visuals, romance and even social commentaries. Iron Man had all of those things and more; it had a well-written script to go with it, which was one of the reasons I thoroughly enjoyed both films. I, however, still stand by my opinion that The Incredible Hulk is still the best out of all the Marvel movies. (In case you want to know why, here is a link of my review for Hulk http://mrfilmreviewer.blogspot.com/2012/04/incredible-hulk.html) In saying this, I am not taking away anything from the Iron Man as it was impressive in its own.

Iron Man 2 follows the typical plot of a superhero movie. However, like I said in the previous paragraph, it had the script, and also the cinematography, to create something refreshing for the audience to see. It also helped that the action scenes weren't focused on one character since it also featured Natalie Rushman/Natasha Romanoff. Let me take this opportunity to say that Scarlett Johannson was badass in this film. She looked extremely hot doing those scenes. Some were a little bit placed and too rehearsed, but damn did she kick ass. I've always thought she looked too sophisticated to be in an action movie so seeing her beat the hell out of those men was a huge bonus for me.

Tony Stark's best pal was played by Don Cheadle. I don;t know why they changed actors between the two films (I haven't done my research yet), but I was absolutely fine with it because I have admired Don Cheadle's work, especially Hotel Rwanda. To see him in an Iron Man costume was definitely a highlight. I;m glad they kept Robert Downey Jr and Gwyneth Paltrow though. Let me say it now, I don't think anyone can play Iron Man better than Robert Downey Jr. I just can't think of a better actor to put on that Iron Man suit. He is the perfect one to play the character because he embodies the characterization of Iron Man. It also doesn't hurt that he has a natural ability to be sarcastic.

Both Iron Man films did well in the box office, which is not really surprising. It stars an appealing set of actors for its cast, has a brilliant team working on the screenplay, and also a talented group in-charged of its effects and animation. The dynamics of the people involved in this film must be great in order for them to produce two high quality films. Of course it also helps that Jon Favreau, who was also part of the film as Tony's bodyguard, is directing it. It still amazes me how this actor from FRIENDS turned into an incredible director as proven by the films he has made.

It goes without saying that Iron Man is a bankable character and I wouldn't be surprised if they come up with one or two more movies, excluding the Avengers. It has more than a billion dollars in revenue to excite the producers of this film to continue the franchise. As long as they maintain the quality of the first two films, I will gladly line up for those films.

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