October 11, 2012

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

I liked Greek mythology when we discussed it in school. I liked it even before that cause I thought mythology's one of the most interesting topics we can all talk about. It's about the stories of gods and of humans, the interaction people associate them with and the overall story being told. I enjoyed reading about the different narrations whether it was a story about victory, conflict or anything else for that matter. Right off the bat, I instantly connected with the idea of this movie.

I have to say that I had a great time watching the movie, although there were a couple of moments I wasn't sure if I was enjoying for all the right reasons. There were scenes that looked really awkward, and felt awkward, which made me laugh and smirk and enjoy the moment. But, aside from those short moments, I noticed that the movie had great visual effects and great sound effects as well. They really knew how to sell the movie's strength: concept and effects. These two worked well together and it was clear that the whole idea of the movie was to fascinate, but at the same time, tell a different perspective of the stories found in mythology.

The movie was humorous which was a great part of why I found this movie entertaining. It had quirks and punchlines not at all suitable for a movie about gods. It's funny and I liked that aspect of the movie. It's like an adventure comedy film about Greek mythology. Most of the entertainment value of the movie could be credited to Brandon T. Jackson, who I thought was like a young Martin Lawrence. He was right on cue to make things lighter with his witty lines and priceless expressions.

The movie was filled with newcomers and old-timers, with every single one standing out on their own rights. Logan Lerman really know how to lead a movie. He has this presence that is suited for a lead role. He can establish a connection with the roles he play because he really knows how to connect with them. Alexandra Daddario did not only look amazing in the movie, she played her part really well too. She was strong and dignified when she did her battle scenes.

The execution of the movie, while commendable, could have been stronger. The battle scenes could have been more authentic. At times it seemed a little too choreographed, and it's always better to see battle scenes that just flow naturally. There were scenes where there seemed to be a disconnect in some areas as well. My biggest concern revolved around how there seemed to be no sense of suffering when Percy Jackson first toured the camp when he just lost his mother. Maybe that's just a minute detail but it really got me wondering.

But in all honesty, I really liked the movie. I watched it cause I learned that there will be a sequel which made me think that it must've been a hit for the filmmakers to do another one. Then it got me thinking that maybe it was a good movie for people to spend money on it. And it was. A very entertaining, fun-filled adventure movie. A very good way to spend the afternoon.

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