October 28, 2012

The Last

I've always been a big supporter of Wong Fu Productions. I always find joy and pleasure in watching their shorts, may it be a comedy skit, or a dramatic one. I've written about them before when I reviewed one of their shorts, one that I first saw during their trip here in the Philippines; but I waited til they've officially released it before writing about it.

This time, it will all be about their latest short, The Last, starring Harry Shum Jr, star of Step-up movies and Glee. It was written and directed by Philip Wang, although the whole crew got involved. It's all about how many people you have loved, and whether you've already found the last one. It's a romantic short, and it had that familiar vibe present in their work. Something smooth and relaxing. At the same time, also inspiring and thoughtful. I also liked the incorporation of why, what, when, where, and why in this story. I was actually thinking that the sixth will be "how" thus completing the set.

Harry Shum Jr. was also an excellent story teller. The tone and delivery he used was perfect for the theme of this short. We all know he can act and dance, but now we know that he can really do a great voice over. It was delicate and moving. Kina GRannis was also impressive in portraying all the characters she was given, the why, what, when, where and why characters. It had a variety of talented actresses to back this whole concept.

In the commentary, it said that the target audience were both the young and the old. I couldn't agree more as this was a short that could appeal to any type of audience really. It talks about something universal in a way that's familiar and inviting. It could relate to people very well. That's one of the best things about this short. It's an awesome short, and it's no surprise it's been getting positive feedback. Philip Wang is really one of the most talented men I know, and someone I really look up to. His works are always meaningful and inspired; and also inspiring. I wish I could create something like this.

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