November 06, 2012

Wreck It Ralph

First of all, apologies for going dark. I've been extremely busy, and my work shift just made it impossible to help me get back in my old writing habits. Now that they've put me back in my previous shift, I think I'll be able to keep up with this whole blogging thing more frequently. And since I'm a little less loaded in terms of work, I do think I can do this! Again, I'm apologize for disappearing.

Moving on, this blog post will be about last weekend's box office winner, Wreck It Ralph, a Disney animated film starring the voices of John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer, and Jane Lynch. It was directed by Rich Moore, who's also credited for the movie's story along with Phil Johnston and Jim Reardon. Screenplay was written by Jennifer Lee and Phil Johnston. It's on its way to recover from its 15 million budget since it won big last weekend, taking home more than 40 million dollars on its opening weekend. 

I have to say that I went to the theaters without knowing anything about the movie. I just knew that it won the box-office and that was a good enough reason for me to go see it. To be honest, I went to the cinemas hoping I'd still catch Argo, but unfortunately, it was no longer showing. I was a little disappointed since I really wanted to see Argo. I wasn't disappointed at all with Wreck It Ralph though. I guess missing Argo was a blessing in disguise cause it geared me towards watching this awesome animated movie. For starters, it was about arcade games; and as an arcade fan, this movie was right up my alley. It was kind of like Toy Story except instead of toys, it brought to life arcade characters, most notably from Street Fighter.

The plot line was similar to Megamind or Despicable me about a villain wanting to do good. What's different though was Ralph was a villain only in a game. He never succumbed to the idea of him being evil. He was a good hearted person right from the start who had the job of being the game's villain. I thought that was important to point out as at least it had a distinguishing factor. Having said that, Ralph wanted to be a hero, thus pushing him to jump to another game, which then led to him being brought into yet another game. I liked the structure of this to be honest. The games represented the introduction to the rising action to the climax. It was really a superb narration of the movie's story. 

What turned this animated movie into a winner, aside from its awesome ideas, was the graphics it utilized in making this movie. It was bright and vibrant. It was eye friendly and really seemed like the games we play. Each game represented an era of the games, with specific target markets. It was strategic and intelligent to do so. It was inviting to several members of the audience, people who will, for sure, talk about the movie with their friends and family. Bottom line's the movie's smart. Very smart. Going back to the graphics, it had amazing images that was similar to other really great animated movies as well.

It was particularly delightful to witness the actors bring the characters to life. Each and every single one of them provided the quality of entertainment best suited for a movie like Wreck It Ralph. What I wanna know is how Sarah Silverman managed to sound the way she did. It's impressive and hilarious at the same time. But hey, I'm one to just enjoy the show so there's that. Jane Lynch had a commanding voice which really worked perfectly with her character. John C. Reilly's voice acting was also a match with the character Ralph. 

It was an awesome movie, and a good reminder of why I enjoy watching movies, animated movies to be exact. It had a wonderful message, it's family friendly and very well-suited for the kids, and had an amazing imagery. It was vast and commendable. I definitely would recommend it. Although, if Argo's still showing in cinemas near you, I'd suggest go see that first. Don't do what I did, and miss it. It's another incredible film so go see it. Go see bot actually. It will be worth it! 

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