November 10, 2012


Argo was definitely one of my most awaited movies for 2012. I thought the story was impressive, especially since it's based on a true story of a historical event. Also, I  knew Ben Affleck would do something spectacular with this story, the same way he was able to create the movie The Town, which was a very good film. I waited for Argo to see if it would be as good as I expected, and it was.

Argo was about how the CIA created a fake movie in order to rescue 6 Americans who escaped the US embassy before Iranian revolutionaries took over the embassy and held all the other Americans hostages. It was a real historical moment after the Iranian people were outraged when the Americans took their former leader in to the United States. It was a form of retaliation and the six Americans got out just in time. However, they weren't safe as the rebels were beginning to figure out what really happened. That's where the CIA came in. With the lives of the six people in even greater danger, they had to make a move to save them. Tony Mendez, played by Ben Affleck, then stepped in and delivered an innovative idea, deemed ridiculous at first.

The first part of the movie was about laying out the facts of the event. There was a compilation of photos and videos depicting the scenario and the setting the movie would be revolving in. It was also used as a transition for the introduction of the characters. These slideshows were intertwined with the scenes of the movie, and that I thought was a brilliant concept as it instantly connects the movie to the actual events. The first scenes were powerful because it locates the people in the story. It depicts how the embassy was taken over.The next part of the movie was all about figuring out how to rescue the hostages. At first it offered comedic moments, much thanks to John Goodman and Alan Arkin. They provided comic relief in a movie that was otherwise filled with tension.

The execution of the movie was nothing less than a spectacle. It was magnificent because Affleck did his best to remain loyal to the subject of the movie. He was able to depict details close to the actual. He tried to make this movie as realistic as possible. I was even more impressed when they started rolling the credits since I realized then that the movie actually took time to perfect how the hostages really looked, how the revolutionaries were, as it was based all on historical evidences like the pictures taken during that time, and the broadcasts of the events. Usually, when people say a movie's based on a true story, very little from the actual story remain. I can say that this wasn't the case in Argo. True, I am not all that familiar with the real story; but basing it from what I saw it was a pretty good depiction and narration. I did read however that Canada did a lot more to help the hostages than what was shown.

However, sticking to the movie, it is undeniable that it was a very well-crafted film. The script was clear and concise, direct to the point, and very compelling. The actors were very well-suited for the characters they were playing, and it was amazing to see how these actors, took on the challenge that went with their roles. Everyone was deserving to be part of this brilliant movie. And like another article said, there was really no single star of the film. Everyone was shining on their own right. Even the characters who had minimal screen time were really making it count.

I've seen all the three movies Ben Affleck directed, and I have been pleased with every single one of them. He may very well be on his way to be the next Clint Eastwood; and judging from this blog, you should know how much I admire Clint Eastwood's work. But it's true, I've appreciated Gone Baby Gone, The Town, and now, Argo. I thought all three were well-directed and Ben Affleck played a major role in making these films happen. I do look forward to seeing his other works.

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