November 22, 2012


RED is a real action-comedy! I think every movie incorporates a sense of humor in at least some scenes. However, when it comes to action movies, it's a little hard to do it since it's usually always all about the action. I think RED is unique in this sense cause it perfectly married all the necessary ingredients of an action movie and all the components of a funny comedy flick. It's so flawless that it's actually a funny, but still thrilling movie. It combined it just perfectly. 

RED was a 2010 movie starring Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker, Karl Urban, Helen Mirren, Brian Cox, Rebecca Pidgeon and Julian McMahon. It was directed Robert Schwentke, while the screenplay was written Jon and Erich Hoeber based on the DC comics RED. It went on to become a box-office success. It was so successful that there will be a sequel which I am already excited about. Too bad that some of the cast, particularly Karl Urban won't be back for RED 2 but I'm glad most of the crew will be on it. 

The main plot of the movie involved the assassination of a man who used to work for the CIA, now tagged as Retired, Extremely Dangerous a.k.a RED. Without a clear reason why he's being assassinated, Frank Moses, played by Willis, contacts his buddies to conduct their own investigation as to why he's become a target. At the same time, William Cooper, played by Urban, had been assigned to finish off Moses. That was basically the plot for the action part of the movie. The constant chasing for Moses by Cooper presented a real action flick. I'd want to point ou tthe scene where Cooper attacks Moses for the first time. If you intend to watch the movie, please watch out for that scene, especially when Moses gets out of the car. That scene was so cool and so awesome! 

The comedy element of the movie was presented right at the beginning when Moses tears up an envelope containing a check just to have an excuse to talk to Sarah, played by Parker. Given their somewhat intimate relationship, despite the fact they've never met, Sarah found herself in danger with only Moses protecting her.  The initial interaction and the subsequent encounters of the two was the whole bulk of the comedic aspect of the movie. That wasn't the only one though especially since John Malkovich stole the scene every single time he was on. Brian Cox also brought the laughs as a loverboy to Helen Mirren's character.Those three sub-plots made the movie painfully hilarious to watch. I would not be the one to complain though as it elevated the entertainment quality of the movie.

I really enjoyed watching this one. Every single component of this film worked, from the story, to the script, to the phenomenal ensemble (special menton to Karl Urban, John Malkovich and Brian Cox who were all just terrific).It's a crazy movie, but it's the good kind of crazy! I was really glad to find out that this movie enjoyed success and that success led to a sequel. Hopefully it wouldn't lose the magic of the first movie.

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