November 19, 2012


Skyfall was my first Bond movie. I've seen clips and parts of other Bond films, but this was the first time I sat through an entire Bond film. It's a good start though since Skyfall broke records for Bond films and is one of the top grossing Bond movies. That's a great start, right? It was also the perfect chance to witness Daniel Craig as 007 after hearing a lot of statements, sometimes contradicting, about his performances. I'd have to watch Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace to make the proper judgment, but as far as I can tell, Daniel Craig was a very believable James Bond.

I'll start this post with the one thing I was a little confused about. Correct me if I'm wrong but I though James Bond would have a lot more special gadgets, techie fun stuff than what they showed. I really didn't mind, I just thought about it. This didn't affect my appreciation of the movie, I was just wondering if they wanted to stick more to the action side of it. I guess I got caught up with all the other spy flicks sporting all the latest toys and hi-tech devices that I started looking for some in this movie.

It would make a lot of sense if they did decide to stick with the action as this movie was filled with intense, heart-wrenching scenes. Just the opening scene, the one on the train, was already too intense. The events that happened next even made it even more obvious that this movie meant business. It was thrilling and exciting to see James Bond's ups and downs, successes and failures. This movie presented a more conflicted James Bond, although this assessment is based on watching one full length Bond film and several minutes of other Bond movies. Maybe that was the goal of the movie, to present this whole persona of James Bond. In my case, it was a brief introduction to the life of the one of the world's best agents. It was full of life, which made it all the more genuine, and all the more inviting.

I guess the whole story line worked for me. It's not a secret that I enjoy watching action flicks and I do like it when the film makes me hold my breath. This one did it for me because aside from the usual fighting, it also played the smart card. It really was a smart movie. I was constantly asking myself different questions from the movie because the whole story was rapidly changing, and it was keeping the excitement for me. It was begging me to ask "What happens next?" and I like that feeling when watching a movie. I take it as a sign that I'm deeply involved in the movie.

I also want to highlight the last segment of the movie which was my favorite part of the entire film. It was ingenious, tricky and enthralling. It was just amazing to watch how it all played out in that few moments. How it was about to end. Those scenes made the movie for me. I appreciated how much thought was put in and the great eye of Sam Mendes in directing that single part of the movie.

Daniel Craig possessed the firm, strong attributes normally associated with Bond. He was capable of handling the role, and I guess his performance in Skyfall should have dismissed any doubts anyone had in his abilities to be James Bond. I've heard and read some people saying that he doesn't fit the bill. I have absolutely no idea what they're talking about because from where I was sitting Daniel Craig was James Bond. He took on the role and gave it dimension, a clear sign that he is a brilliant actor. It also doesn't hurt that he can still pull off some tricks, and still able to kick-ass in his fighting scenes.

Other cast members were just as refreshing to see. Judi Dench was impeccable as the authoritative M. I really admired her work here, and she's actually motivating me to see the other Bond films she was in. She was flawless in portraying the character. Javier Bardem's performance as the movie's main antagonist is also commendable as his portrayal of the twisted sociopath Silva was actually frightening. He was very much into the character, and that reads brilliant in my world. It was also great to see Ralph Fiennes in this movie since I've been a huge supporter. I've enjoyed a lot of his movies and it was great to add another movie to that list. It's also promising to know that he would be part of the Bond franchise now as the new head of MI6. The ladies of the movie also made sure to stand-out. Naomie Harris immediately caught my attention in the movie as the stunning field agent, turned M's secretary. Nonetheless, she maintained her vibrant presence all throughout the movie. Berenice Lim Marlohe also looked the part and made her scenes memorable.

Skyfall was a treat for me. It was a little weird when the opening credits turned into an Adele concert, but after that it was all good. It was exciting and highly entertaining. It was a good welcoming to the Bond community and now I understand the craze about the movie. It really was a fantastic film and I am thankful to the people involved for making such a good film.

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