September 04, 2012

21 Jump Street

Finally, I now have a copy of 21 Jump Street. I waited a long time to watch this movie because of all the great things I've heard about the movie, and I've finally seen it. It wasn't a let down, and I got everything I expected from it and more. It was awesome! I'm sure you'll be reading the word awesome throughout this post, and that just shows how much I enjoyed watching it. I was laughing the whole time. It's a real, straight-up comedy. It brought the laughs, the joys, and the best quality of entertainment.

For those of you who are not aware of the movie, which I highly doubt considering the amount of success the movie enjoyed, and the publicity that went along with it, here are some facts. 21 Jump street was released earlier this year, opening at number 1 and maintaining that spot throughout its opening weekend. The story was created by Jonah Hill himself with Michael Bacall, who transformed it into a screenplay. It was directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller. The cast included Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Brie Larson, Dave Franco, Ice Cube, Elle Kemper, Rob Riggle, Chris Parnell with the cameo appearances of Johnny Depp and Peter DeLuise. The movie enjoyed great success in the box office earning more than 200 million dollars. And that is a lot of money.

I knew 21 Jump Street was a television series, but I didn't know that it was not a comedy show. Apparently, it was a crime/police drama, like CSI or NCIS. I was quite shocked when I found out cause I was under the impression that the movie was a complete remake of the series, which obviously turned out to be a comedy. It was also awesome they they featured the two stars of the television of the series in the movie. Sure it was only for a couple of minutes, but their cameo was just as substantial. It was really awesome that they invited back the two stars of the original Jump Street. It was actually one of the best scenes in the movie when Johnny Depp confessed his appreciation towards his friendship with Peter DeLuise.

This just became my favorite Jonah Hill movie. I've enjoyed all Jonah Hill movies I've seen primarily because Jonah Hill is an awesome comedian. But this just took it to a whole new level, and the quality of the humor and entertainment skyrocketed. It was plain genius. He really has this talent of transforming simple conversations to insanely hilarious quips. He took every opportunity to make the audience laugh. Of course he couldn't have done it with out his partner, Channing Tatum. I won't say this was Tatum's best work because of my bias towards G.I Joe and Step Up. I really enjoyed those two movies but Jump Street also became on of my favorite Tatum movies. It was an absolute pleasure to watch this tandem do their thing.

It had an incredibly funny script and an amusing story as well. It also featured different types of comedy, sarcasm being my favorite. Also, while I don't always enjoy slapstick comedy, I quite liked it in this movie. It was playful. I also appreciated the fact that the movie was set in high school but wasn't a teen movie. It had a semi love story, yes. But nothing too teeny cheesy. It stayed as a comedy the entire time, which kept me laughing and enjoying the movie. Like I said, a real straight up comedy.

This is one of the best comedies in recent Hollywood history. It's been a while since I enjoyed a movie this mush. I always enjoy movies, and I always enjoy comedy movies. But this one is one of the better comedy films out there. Probably one of my favorites in 2012. That's saying a lot, but it's the kind of movie that really sits well with me. I liked the action and the comedy. I liked the actors, and I liked how they made the movie as fantastic as it turned out to be. It was that awesome.

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