September 22, 2012

Finding Bliss

Finding Bliss was a 2009 comedy starring Leelee Sobieski, Matthew Davis, Denise Richards, Mircea Monroe, Jamie Kennedy, and of course, the reason I watched this movie, Kristen Johnston. I became a supporter of Kristen Johnston when I saw the movie Music and Lyrics. She was really funny there, and I thought I'd check out her other projects. Finding Bliss was written adn directed by Julie Davis. I was a little shocked to find out that a woman directed a movie revolving an industry not a lot of people openly talk about, but I guess watching the movie made me realize she showcased a different side to it. Shall I say, a more sensitive side to it.

The story of the movie revolved around a 24 old woman who wanted to be a filmmaker. As a person who wants to be involved in the movie industry, I really liked this point of the movie. However, after seeing a bright future, Jody Balaban realized quickly how hard it was to break in to the film industry. As an aspiring filmmaker, she wanted to make ends meet which was the reason why she accepted to be an editor in an adult entertainment studio.

At the same time, Jody didn't let go of her dream, sneaking actors into the studio so she can shoot her own movie. It even led to hiring the adult entertainers as the stars of her very first movie. Here started a string of comical quips with a lot of references in the adult film industry. It was actually very funny.

Kristen Johnston really has a knack for comedy. Se's awesome and really funny. Her facial expressions sell the movie. Jamie Kennedy was another one who really got into character as an actor not gifted with that much intelligence. However, I thought his lines were genius and it really made me laugh. For the Ghost Whisperer fans out there, this was a little different Jamie Kennedy.

I thought the movie had a great cast. It had two strong leads, Leelee Sobieski and Matthew Davis. Plus, it had an amazing supporting cast. Everyone brought their game to the movie and I found the movie an entertaining one. A nice movie to watch on an afternoon to just relax. I should warn you though that since the movie tackles this specific kind of industry, there would be a lot of exposures. Just a warning for the conservative ones.

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