September 18, 2012

Two Weeks Notice

So a lot of people like Hugh Grant, and a lot of people like Sandra Bullock so I decided to write about their movie, Two Weeks Notice which was released a decade ago. I hope this post satisfies those looking for reviews of Grant and Bullock movies, and for those requesting the reviews. It's a good place to start.

Two Weeks Notice was a comedy starring Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock as two opposing sides, a principled lawyer vs a businessman. It was directed by Marc Lawrence, who also wrote the screenplay of the film. Interesting fact: Marc Lawrence also directed Music and Lyrics, my last entry before this. Actually most of the movies he did involved Hugh Grant or Sandra Bullock which tells me they are really good friends. And also that their partnerships work. Another interesting fact: Bullock produced the movie. Good for her as she got even richer since the movie became a successful hit worldwide.

I liked this one better. It was funnier and wittier, if that's even a word.  It had the Sandra Bullock quirks we all know and enjoy. The way she delivers her lines has this effect on the audience, a positive one at that. And it also had the Hugh Grant effect. It was a very entertaining movie. These two actors really created something and I enjoyed it.

The story started with Bullock trying to save the community center and figuring out that the only way to save it was to work as a corporate lawyer for the firm that was trying to knock it down after sealing a deal with Grant's character. Everything went as planned, and Bullock was fully integrated with Grant's life. But everything came crashing down when Bullock decided to quit, giving her two weeks notice. That's the brief version of the plot. A lot more happened in the movie but all were connected to this basic plot.

It was the kind of movie that had a strong appeal. With two strong leads, it was no wonder the movie did as well as it did. With also the power of the supporting cast including Alicia Witt, Dana Ivey, Robert Klein, Heather Burns, David Haig, Dorian Missick, and more, the movie even became even more entertaining. A romantic movie with lots of laughs, that's what Two Weeks Notice was.

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