September 10, 2012

The Change-Up

The Change-Up was a 2011 comedy movie starring Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds. It was directed by David Dobkin while the story was written by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore. It also featured Leslie Mann and Olivia Wilde as the love interests of the two protagonists. Also part of the cast were Alan Arkin, Mircea Monroe, Gregory Itzin, and more. The movie did modestly in the box office but it did earn profits so the producers couldn't have complained. But I really thought the movie had enough charisma to rake up a lot more than that.

It was an awesome comedy film. It was a little bit on the raunchy side, and the humor was definitely dirty. It was all so wrong, but so right at the same time. It's mixture of lewd humor and appealing sexy scenes brought laughter and that's what I appreciated about it. I like comedy movies that go the extra mile to entertain. it's a comedy film after all. I have no problems with nudity or green jokes which was probably a major reason why I really enjoyed the movie. Conservatives would not appreciate this move at all, but I guess we all have our niche and comfort zones. As for me, I'm just glad that this movie was a real comedy movie.

The story was about the body swap of two friends who wanted to live each other's lives. It's a little like Big, the Tom Hanks movie released in the late 80s ( ) except in this case, there were two people involved. I'm sure there are movies with the same story, I just couldn't remember any right now. But yeah, it's a generic story with a cliche story line. But, I don't think any body swaps movie have been this entertaining. If those movies were remotely close to the level of entertainment his movie gave me, I would have remembered them, but clearly that's not happening.

It's one of those movies that had a heart-warming sensitive and dramatic side to it. I guess that's a requisite for any comedy movie, the down time where everything's serious and heartfelt. I'm just glad that the movie snapped out of it and delivered more comical scenarios and surprising events. It kept the story moving forward, and in the right direction. Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds knew how to carry this movie and their quirks created this insane push and pull. It also didn't hurt that the movie featured two very hot ladies, Leslie Mann and Olivia Wilde, who were kind enough to fulfill the fantasies of every man in this world.

It's definitely a step-up from the last comedy I saw. It was funny, it was witty, and it was dirty. Not in a disgusting way, but in a hilariously raunchy way. The way good comedies are made. The stars were awesome and the script, though generic, had its own unique qualities that made the movie work. It was an appealing an entertaining movie, probably mostly because of its stars.

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