July 29, 2012

Across The Universe

This will be a short one. Hopefully it will still give you an overview of what its about.

A lot of you may know Across the Universe as a Beatles song. However, some of you may also be familiar with the movie of the same title. If you belong to the later group, good for you. The movie was a 2007 musical drama movie starring Evan Rachel Wood, Jim Sturgess, Joe Anderson, T.V. Carpio, Dana Fuchs, and Martin Luther McCoy. It was written and directed by Julie Taymor with Dick Clement, and Ian Le Franais helping with the writing stage. 

I personally liked it. I am a Beatles fan, although probably not as huge as some of you. I have a lot of songs on my player and I used to listen to them everyday on my way to school. Their songs are all so catchy and always have a good message. It's also always a lot of fun to walk to the train station with them in the background. It's a very good way to start a long day. It's always soothing and relaxing.

I also thought it was ingenious to use names from Beatles songs as the name of the characters. Of course that opened the door for the cast members to perform specific Beatles songs to each other like Hey Jude and Dear Prudence. I also thought the whole idea of it was just great. It's like a tribute to one of the world's best band, a legend in their own right. The employment of the Beatles songs came together with the story Julie Taymor had created. It was well-thought out and I thought the whole thing was actually pretty good.

Not a lot of people liked it, but my friends and I had an absolute blast watching it. We liked the story and we even lived the fact that we were able to sing along more. It was interesting and a smart movie. Sure the execution could have been better, but what they came up with, I thought, was still pretty solid. Julie Taymor did a magnificent job at this movie. Haters can hate, but I will still enjoy the movie over and over again. 

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