July 24, 2012

Notting Hill

When this movie was released in 1999, my family deemed me too young to watch it. Hence, I was left in the house with just my dad when they went to watch it. I wanted to go with them because we saw the trailer of it, and we were all amused by Rhys Ifans, who, 13 years later would play the villain in The Amazing Spiderman. Also, 13 years later, I finally saw the movie. It was exactly what I expected it to be. Ok maybe not. It was a lot cheesy than I expected, but t was all good. Let me first introduce you to the movie.

Notting Hill was a 1999 romantic comedy movie starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. Also part of the cast were, Emma Chambers, Hugh Bonneville, Tim McInnerny, Gina McKee, James Dreyfus, and of course, the reason why we all wanted to watch the movie to begin with, Rhys Ifans. It was directed by Roger Michell and was written by Richard Curtis. The film went on to enjoy receiving positive reactions, and an impressive box-office performance earning almost 364 million dollars.

The movie's plot wouldn't be as extraordinary now as it probably would back then. I really couldn't know but I assumed it was something unique then. The basic premise of the story revolved around an actress who went to Notting Hill where she met a man. The story then followed how the two developed a relationship which can only be described as a push-and-pull situation. It involved a lot of romantic scenes, and even more funny ones. It was a very simple story actually, and I did wonder why the movie was such a success. I came into the conclusion that while the story was generic, Grant and Roberts had the appropriate chemistry to pull off the film. Their connection was undeniable and was very present.

It was a typical rom-com, and I believe I have experience now to identify such movies as I've seen a few now. The thing that greatly worked though was the cast that pulled it off. And also the amazing direction of Roger Michell. It was a little too sweet for my tooth but I'm sure a lot of people, particularly the ladies, would love this one. To the guys, you might want to get this one on one of you indoors dates. You might even like it. I know I did.

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