July 22, 2012


I remember wanting to see this movie but then getting discouraged after people told me I wouldn't like it. Then I told myself I'd rent the DVD to just check it out, but I probably forgot and just accepted that it wasn't a good movie. Then a few days ago, I got a request to review the movie. As I've said before, I like getting requests 'cause they also serve as a recommendation or a validation to watch a movie. An excuse, basically. I still doubted it at first but decided to take the plunge anyway.

Unfortunately I really couldn't disagree with what people had told me. Look, it was not a bad film overall, but the execution of the movie really lacked something. Let me explain. The idea behind the movie was great,  it was like X-Men met the Avengers, or something. I liked how there were different categories of special people, from watchers to movers to pushers to sniffers to a whole lot more. The movie had a lot of potential as an idea, as a concept for a movie. I really believed that the conceptualization of it was really good. It would have worked especially at a time when moviegoers worship superhero movies.

Unfortunately, this great idea wasn't exactly translated into the movie. While the movie was decent, it didn't tap into the movie's potential. I think there was something about how the movie was constructed that bothered me. The editing of it also felt awkward in some parts. As a member of the audience, I shouldn't notice or feel when the scenes were taken or cut. The transitions should have been smooth. There were times when the camera angles were also not helping. The fight scenes were a little too rehearsed that it didn't feel real or exciting. I guess my concerns were all directed to the technical side of the movie. I thought that if the technical side were polished a little bit more, the movie could have gone to great success.

It really wasn't a terrible movie. It just had some issues, issues that they could have worked on. At least it had a competent cast. As you all know, I am a fan of Chris Evans so seeing him in the movie was a good enough reason. Also, I got excited to see Dakota Fanning in it, and rocking a different role. Camilla Belle was also OK in it; not the most effective actress, but she got the job done.

While I agree that it wasn't the best of movies, and a little let down, it did have its good points. It wasn't as terrible, but it just wasn't great. It was decent and tolerable. If you feel like checking it out go for it. I'd recommend that you do. Thank you to the person who requested it. I like getting requests and emails or anything. You can follow me on twitter @sirfilmreviewer or email me at mrfilmreviewer@yahoo.com. You can also follow this blog by checking the right side of the page.


  1. I remember seeing an ad for this when it first came out and not thinking much of it... After your review I don't think I'll be watching it..

    Thanks for sharing!

    What's Hot?

  2. Tank you for reading it. When I first saw an ad, I got excited cause I like the superhero, superpowers kind of movie. It was just OK.