July 08, 2012

Marley & Me

Marley & Me was a 2008c comedy-drama movie starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston. It was directed by David Frankel, who also directed The Devil Wears Prada. The story was based on the work of John Grogan which had the same title as the movie. Owen Wilson played Grogan and Aniston played his wife, Jenny. Also part of the cast were Eric Dane, Alan Arkin, Kathleen Turner, Nathan Gamble, Finley Jacobsen, and Lucy Merriam. The film went on to break records on its Christmas day release and became a hugely commercial success.

The first part of the movie was filled with laughs while the second half dabbles on serious matters more. It still had funny bits, but that's really when the drama started settling in and overtaking the comedic side of it. The transition however is remarkable. It flowed really smoothly and it had a clear direction. It started lightly, then introduced the people involved and how the couple got their first dog. Then it continued to follow the couple's joyous moments with the newest member of their family, and the struggles that went along with it. It escalated even more when the couple started having children. It's a great narration of a beautiful story.

Another thing I liked about it was the music. It had great songs, great melodies for the movie. Appropriate and still catchy. Right from the beginning, I already noticed that the movie had very good songs, songs I would actually search for, and listen to.

This movie was right into Jennifer Aniston's wheelhouse. She's really good at this dramedy movies cause she's a very talented actress. She's funny but she also knows how to handle melodramatic scenes. I guess she already showed us her range in the television show FRIENDS. There's also no question about Owen Wilson's comedic side. This movie was probably a little different from his other movies, but still pretty good if you ask me. Eric Dane was also excellent in this, although he really did not have a lot of screen time. The children also were fantastic. I only included the names of the actors who played the couple's children towards the end of the movie. But these kids were seriously unbelievable.

It's a heartwarming story of friendship, family, and as cheesy as this sounds, love. It's an inspiring and touching story about a family and a dog, and the strong bond that connects all of them together. The joys, the tears, the fun of it. It's a great exploration of every single element revolving around the family. Now I know why people are still taking about it years after its release.

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