July 28, 2012


Wanted was a 2008 action movie starring James McAvoy, Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman. It was written Chris Morgan, Derek Haas, and Michael Brandt and was directed by Timur Bekmambetov. Other cast members who were included in the movie were, Thomas Kretschmann, Common, Konstantin Khabensky, Marc Warren, Dato Bakhtadze, Terence Stamp, David O'Hara, Chris Pratt, Kristen Hager, and Lorna Scott. It was well-received by movie-goers and also impressed greatly in the box office, earning more than 4 times its production budget. 

This was the first movie of James McAvoy that I saw and this was the reason I looked forward to his next movies. He was just really good. I've seen him in some movies but he never stood out for me until now. He got me invested in this film and the partnership he had with Angelina Jolie gave me even more reasons to appreciate this fantastic movie. He was sharp and he was quick and matched the daredevil inside of Angelina Jolie. I desperately wanted the film makers to create Wanted 2 just to see this tandem again. It was weird however to see Morgan Freeman as a villain. He's always on the good side and it was a little strange to see the man who played God play a notorious killer. Showed his versatility though. Then again, we really don't need to see his versatility as we are sure he's a great actor. But there! The movie had an awesome cast and that's just one of the reasons to love this movie.

I'd go on and say that the three people behind the writing process of this movie should receive recognition. It's one of the best screenplays written. That's probably overselling it but while watching I kept thinking just how much thought and inspiration the writers needed to produce this movie. It had action, it had drama, but it also had that driving force that made me connect to it instantly. It was moving, yet repulsive in a way that it invited me to take part in the journey but at the same time cautioned me of the dangers that went along with it. It had a very, very good story line. The way it started to the way it ended was very different and that just showed how dynamic and well-thought it was. The twists that came along with it were unexpected and intellectually brilliant!

It also had some of the best tricks I've ever seen in a movie. We always see guns in action movies. It's a staple to have a gun, unless it's a combat-action movie. But in a typical movie, we always see people shooting at one another. The different thing in this movie was how they chose to revolutionize the use of a gun, implementing different ways of using it. It wasn't straight on shooting, but they created a choreography for it. It had rhythm and direction and that was one of the most impressive things about the movie. I think the action parts always were engaging and exciting and made me hold my breath because of the anticipation and anxiety. The action sequences had great transitions, both in and out. The actors also did a fine job kicking each other's ass.

The one thing I'd say was how depressing the movie got after the first half. It was when the emotional side of it played along with the gun-firing, face-hitting side of the movie. I even got depressed and thought about one particular scene for days. But again, it just made me realize the extent the writers went through to produce not only a powerful story, but a meaningful one as well. I would not say what scene it was but I'm pretty certain and I'd even bet on it that people would understand which scene I'm referring to.

It's no wonder people loved wonder. It got everything right, and the people involved in the movie managed to create a masterpiece, one that will be remembered by people for a long, long time, hopefully. I know I will. It's been 4 years since I saw the movie and I can still recall the moments of the movie. I even wrote this without re-watching it. That's how vividly I remember the scenes, the actors, and the story of the movie. That doesn't happen a lot, so that must tell you something.

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