July 04, 2012

Disney's The Kid

I'm pretty sue this will be a short one, but I hope the quality will be maintained.

The Kid was a 2000 Disney movie that starred Bruce Willis, Spencer Breslin and Emily Mortimer. It was directed by Jon Turtletaub and was written by Audrey Wells. I don't quite know what genre this movie should fit in. It had a little bit of drama, comedy, fantasy, maybe sci-fi. No action though, which was a little surprising since Bruce Willis was the star of the movie. But it's great to see things change up a bit.

This movie was very pleasing. It didn't have a heavy plot, didn't have special effects, didn't have any gimmicks, or anything extraordinary, except maybe the time-travelling thing. To be honest, I still don't know why this movie somehow worked for me. I still don't even understand why I liked the movie. If I would have to guess, it must be the entertainment quality of it. It was relaxed and just a light movie.

I would have to say that I felt a little awkward when Bruce Willis laughed. Just when do you see Bruce Willis smiling and laughing? I tried looking back and tried to remember if he ever did that in his movies, at least those I've seen. I couldn't remember a movie, or even just a scene. Who knew Bruce Willis had that side? It was also funny cause he was sarcastic and a little hilarious in this movie. He wasn't kicking someone's ass, or bawling for whatever reason. It was a nice change and I liked it.

Spencer Breslin and Emily Mortimer were also great in this. Breslin probably provided the majority of the reasons why this movie was funny as his charms and lines were really good. The filmmakers utilized Breslin in this one, which was probably the reason why he won an award for best performance by a young actor (given by the Young Artists Award). Mortimer as Amy was also an integral part of the film's entertainment value. For starters, she's absolutely captivating. To top that she had this irresistible charm and talent that made the movie work. I actually thought I wouldn't like it, but as the movie went on, I liked it more and more because of these three actors.

I don't know what else to say about it. It's a normal movie, nothing too extreme but definitely nit disappointing. All I can say is that I had a huge smile on face for the majority of the movie because of the wit, the fun, and the entertainment. And also because Spencer Breslin was too damn good in this. And oh yeah, I also want to include how ridiculously funny the relationship of Russ and Amy was. Anyway, the bottomline is I had a lot of fun watching this one.

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