July 31, 2012


I feel like I should tell the story of what happened when I saw this movie. I have just arrived in another country and met with my sister. We went straight to grab some lunch and go around town. Then at midnight, they decided to watch this movie. At the time, I had absolutely no idea what the movie was about, or how the story would go. I was dead tired and I had no strength to even question the movie. When we went inside, I fell asleep almost immediately, coming from a long flight, and hours of touring, I just couldn't resist. Fortunately, I woke up just minutes into the film. Nothing more than 5 minutes I think. The movie started late so I was able to nap and wake up in time for the movie. Within seconds, my body forgot all about how tired I was or how much I needed to sleep. I became wide awake, energy rushing through my body because it was impossible not to be pumped by it.

There's a little story I thought I'd include here. Nothing to do with a movie review but I thought it was a nice story to share. Moving on, here's the start of the review. As mentioned, I found the movie energizing, mostly because of the thrills that came along with it. To give a brief background, although I'm sure most, if not all, of you are familiar with it, the movie was about a man who went on a quest to save his daughter from the men who abducted her while she was visiting Europe. Being the aweome kick-ass secret agent that he was, he was able to locate the whereabouts of the culprits, although (SPOILER) of course, they had to wait til the end of the movie before he could see her daughter. To be honest, I wish it took just a little bit longer. I did want the girl to be saved, but Liam Neeson was just doing well in defeating every member of the gang that I wanted to see him in action more. He was fit for the role and he did what the visionaries conceptualized justice. He embodied that vision.

Right after watching the movie, still without proper sleep, I spent hours on the internet trying to find fun facts about the movie, researching every single detail about the movie, including the actors, and reading tons of articles about it. I was addicted to the movie and even though my body was begging for rest, I just couldn't give in. I was really getting my self drowned with all the info. It's amazing to look back to that film and see how much Maggie Grace has evolved. She's not the same girl now. She's had a great transformation and I found her more appealing now, and I'm not just talking about her extremely good looks. But she's more mature now and it's very evident that she's honed her talents to become a better actress.

Liam Neeson was perfect in every single aspect. He was believable as a worried father, but at the same time he also embodied the true spirit of a man of action. I liked the element of the film that made him a standout individual.The movie built him up as a first-class spy, and throughout the movie, he constantly proved it. Usually with spies, we think of gadgets and guns. He's not that kind of spy. He's one of those hard-hitting, intelligent, and motivated spies who didn't need to have huge toys to eliminate the enemies. With all the movies I've seen of Liam Neeson, I've never admired him more than I did in Taken. I respected him as an actor, as a man, and as an all-around individual. He became the definition of a believable performance. His tough appeal worked very well with it, but it was his delivery of the action scenes just made me pity those up against him.

The plot of the movie moved forward with its own pace. It never rushed anything to a point that the audience would no longer savor it, but not too slow either that the audience might get bored. It made sure that as the film was developing, the members of the audience are aware of everything. It kept a little mystery to spice things up, but made everything clear for the audience to maximize the enjoyment. If you thin about it, there's nothing exceptional with the general plot of the movie. Any other movie could have used the plot. In fact, I'm pretty sure a lot of movies had used it. What set this movie apart was the execution and the directing. Pierre Morel had a plan, and he stuck with that plan and everything worked. It was organized, but it was still dangerous. It also featured some scenes I never thought I'd see in a movie which made me appreciate what I was watching even more.

The movie was a little too violent, but with that level of quality, it's a little hard to care. I was just too focused on how the story was developing and how the father was trying to save his daughter. I think that's the thing. The movie demanded attention and focus from the viewers by presenting an undeniable presence. Every single second of the movie mattered. Every single second of it was planned. Every single second of it was amazing. The movie didn't have a single flaw in my perspective because it was able to deliver. The direction of the whole thing, and the choreography of the action sequences seemed like it was spoiling me with all the good stuff. Maybe that's the word. This movie spoiled me with its incredible cinematography and relentless effort to satisfy its viewers. I feel like this movie achieved everything it set out to do.

I know there will be a Taken 2 and no one can imagine my excitement for this movie. I would say that 2 is the farthest I can see them go. Anything beyond that, I feel, will tarnish whatever the first two films will build. I've seen the trailer of the sequel and I am still impressed by it. If a trailer can impress me that much, I just know the movie will be good. Right after watching the movie, I hoped there would be a sequel, and now it is finally happening and I can only do so much to contain my excitement. I'm thinking if it's possible to surpass what the first movie has done. It is possible bu tit will be tough. If the second movie turns out even greater than the first, I just know it will be one of my all time favorite movies. After a very long review, my main point is: the movie is exceptional, phenomenal, and very practical. It was great! As I typed that, I realized how calling it great is such an understatement. It was more than great. It was a one of a kind experience.

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