July 17, 2012

Happy Feet

I thought I'd make a short review of an animated movie, just to ease things up after Tom Hanks week. I had a bit of a tough time choosing which movie I wanted to write about, but ended with Happy Feet. I'll probably write about the other options/movies I was choosing from later, and by that in a few days/weeks?

Happy Feet was a 2006 movie and by writing that I just realized how long it's been. I was just 16 When it was released! The movie was directed by George Miller and written by Warren Coleman, John Collee, George Miller, Judy Morris. It starred Elijah Wood, Robin Williams, Brittany Murphy, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Hugo Weaving and more. The movie received positive responses, even winning an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. To top things off, it was a box-office success, and that most surely made the producers of this movie very happy.

The first Happy Feet movie was really good! Although this sounds lame to other people, I actually enjoy dance movies, because I too dance here and there. However, I never enjoyed tap dancing until I saw this movie. That's when I started to appreciate the "art" of it, as some people would call it. But it's hard not to appreciate the detail in the choreography, the sound it produced, and the intricacy of the movement of the feet.

I also liked the ease of the movie. It was very relaxing and humorous. And because it's a children's movie, it also had a value behind it and that value was relayed through the structured development of the plot. It wasn't just about the dancing, the music, the wits, but it's also a well-developed story. Although I'm pretty sure the dancing scenes were the highlights of the movie. I wonder who among the people behind it thought of this idea first. I assume it;s one of the writers, but it could also be anyone else. But whoever conceptualized this movie is a genius.

I've seen the first few minutes of Happy Feet 2 and was not all that convinced. I will save my judgment until I've seen the rest of the movie. I'm sure it's a good one as well. The beginning of it was just ok, so hopefully the rest of the movie will be better. I did enjoy the song and dance number. Sadly, I assume that that will be the last of Happy Feet since it almost failed to earn in the box-office. According to Box Office Mojo, it only earned over 150 million dollars on a budget of 135 million dollars.

I plan on checking out the sequel. But for now, I'll be contented with the pure awesomeness of the first movie. It was an absolute delight to watch the penguins dance around creating magical music through movements. I hope they credited the people who actually did the tap dancing though.

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