July 12, 2012

Toy Story

Toy Story was a 1995 animated movie by Walt Disney Pictures. It was directed by the awesome John Lasseter while the screenplay was written by the equally awesome Joss Whedon and three others. I singled out Joss Whedon cause a lot of people know him now as a fantastic director and it's nice to remind everyone that he's also a writer. It starred Tom Hanks and Tim Allen as Woody and Buzz respectively. It also starred several stars such as Don Rickles, John Ratzenberger, Wallace Shawn, Jim Varney and more. It's a highly successful movie, still being talked about by the younger generations. By that I mean, the kids today, I think we still belong in the same generation.

I was just 5 years old when this movie came out, but somehow I have a very vivid memory of the movie. Probably because I've watched it again when I was probably 8 or 9. I was still a kid that time, but old enough to store memories. I remember wishing my toys could really talk and move (yeah I was weird and freaky. But, honestly, who didn't? Didn't we all want our toys to be just like Woody and Buzz) But I was really fascinated with the idea that I really hoped I'd wake up one day and have the coolest toys. It took me a while to really digest what the movie was trying to get across. It wasn't about the toys, it was about valuing something, that friendship that bonded them.

It's a wonderful story of friendship. Sure they used toys and inanimate objects, but I think we all got the message of the movie. The way they utilized the toys, their characterization and incorporated it into the movie was beyond amazing. It's a truly flawless execution of a simple yet fascinating idea. It actually accurately portrays the stages of friendships. The initial discomfort of being with a total stranger, someone you have no idea about. The effort to build a friendship with the stranger. The good and bad times, the highs and lows. It's a dynamic realistic story using unrealistic methods. It mashed up extremely well.

This is a movie I could "gush" about all day. To say that it's an excellent movie would still be an understatement. I just really liked it. Well with that amount of talent bringing these characters to life, who wouldn't? It's one of my top animated movies, and I;m pretty sure it will remain in that spot for a long, long time. Toy Story is still one of the best animated movies ever created in my opinion. It's a movie I highly recommend. If I had my own top 100 films, this movie would be in it easy. Hey I'm actually making this Tom Hanks Birthday gift/tribute work! Sort of. I hope you're enjoying my first "blog event". Sort of.

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