July 26, 2012

Law Abiding Citizen

The main story revolves around a man who lost his family when they were killed by two armed men. The conflict begins when Nick Rice, the prosecutor, made a deal with one of the culprits in order to increase his stats as a lawyer. This did not sit well with Clyde Shelton, the man who lost his family as he felt betrayed not only by Nick Rice but by the whole legal system itself. After a some time, Clyde returns to exact revenge to those involved in the case, killing every single one in a unique unconventional manner.

It was an intense movie and actually a very smart one. Each plan was carefully laid out, and intricately executed. There was a mystery of how Clyde was being able to pull off each murder, and the race against time made my heart beat faster and faster. It was a constant anticipation of what would happen next or who would die next. The movie was able to maintain the energy and the intensity despite it having a very fast pace. It didn't lose breath and continuously impressed throughout the movie.

The actual development of the story was as amazing as one would expect it to be. From the point the problem was revealed to the point where Clyde found solace in everything, it was great. I think the message behind it quickly turned from revenge to sending a strong message. It wasn't about the murder of his family anymore. It was becoming more and more about the fact that Rice made a deal with the criminal. The justice system should not be about raising the stats of prosecutors, or satisfying the qualms of the media. It should be about going through due process and actually convicting the criminals the way they should be. As Clyde said, he would have accepted the fact if Rice lost the case but fought the right way. Of course that's easier said than done. But I thought that was the whole idea behind the movie.

The best part of the movie was still Clyde's brilliant plans on exacting his revenge. While trying to show Rice that he shouldn't bargain with criminals, he managed to eliminate a lot of people who had something to do with his case. It wasn't just about the killing, it was about toying with the mind and emotions of the people. He didn't kill people just to kill people, I thought. He killed to get on the nerves of the people he hated, and send them the message. That was, I thought, pretty genius. It also didn't hurt that the film captured the great moments of his almost flawless plan.

Law Abiding citizen is my favorite Gerard Butler movie. I haven't seen 300 but I'm pretty sure I'd still like Law Abiding Citizen more even after watching it. That's how much I liked it. It's the kind of movie I would still appreciate 10 years down the road because it had a strong core, and a stronger cinematography. It was just perfect. This movie had one of the best memorable endings, one that tied the knots and gave an exceptional movie a proper goodbye.

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