May 21, 2012

127 Hours

127 hours was a film released in 2010 starring James Franco. It is based on the true story of Aron Ralston who got stuck in a boulder for five days, wit limited water, limited food, almost without anything. It was a very, very great and touching movie. It's downright inspiring and beautifully made. I'm a very visual person so I appreciaated the visuals of the movie. The scenery they used for the cinematography was breath-taking. It was really beautiful and it made me want to visit the place. I also liked how the film did not just focus on one scope, and it utilized three panels to portray a variety of things. It really was an excellent movie, and it has a long list of awards and nominations to back it up.

Coming into it, I expected a melancholy story of a man who got stuck, but minutes into the film I had a huge smile on my face. I even had to make sure that I was watching the right movie cause it didn't seem entirely right. James Franco appeared and the mood hasn't changed. I was enjoying it for the humor, for the scenery. Then all of a sudden the accident happened and the whole atmosphere changed. It went from light to heavy fast, as fast as him falling. It did have some sense of humor in it, but it was mostly about his struggle to get out, to be free and to escape.

Being stuck also served as a connection to his memories, a chance to look back and reflect on everything's that has happened in his life. Reminiscing simpler days with his family, going through a rocky relationship with his then girlfriend, hallucinating better situations, re-visiting regrets and thinking how things could have gone another way. It was emotional and deep and very moving. It even makes it more real the way Franco acted it out, every single muscle in his face, arms, the whole body, worked to depict just a portion of how Aron suffered and struggled.

Aron Ralston has to be one of the bravest men on earth. I didn't understand some of the things he did, but I understood the quiet, and sometimes noisy, desperation. It's impossible to fully understand his thought process. But at the end of the day, I respect and admire him. I truly find him inspiring for facing the challenge and being resourceful and creative. I also admire how despite the situation, he managed to throw in a few laughs and humor. I appreciate how he, a person stuck in the middle of nowhere, never gave up. Mostly I admire how even after what happened, he continued to be a climber. I respect the person he is, and what he's gone through. I admire his passion for doing the things he loves, and for not giving up on them when it almost made him lose everything.

I personally think it's a must watch. Just a warning though, there are scenes that can be unappealing. A couple of scenes are not for those with a weak heart or a weak stomach. Even I had to pause the movie just to take a moment off it and prepare myself. It was really bloody, borderline disgusting. However, it really was a fantastic movie. I read that the movie adaptation was actually close to the real events, so I'm betting that you'll be in awe of Aron Ralston by the end of the movie.


  1. Lovveed this movie! Was really inspirational but I agree some scenes are unappealing..

    1. Yeah I liked it a lot too. And yep, those scenes were really something.