May 07, 2012

Cars 2

I'm no longer a child, but I still enjoy watching animated films. I like children's movies. There I said it. I am not even ashamed to admit it. Who doesn't like watching those light, heart-warming stories? Only evil people will hate on animated films, especially the likes of Cars 2.

Cars 2 had a lot to live up to since the first one was not only loved, but also went on to be very successful. I personally liked the first one and I remembered watching it over and over again a few years back. That's also when I started rocking out to Life is a Highway by Rascal Flatts. (After hearing Life is a Highway, I became a huge supporter of Rascal Flatts even though I'm not into country. Just a fun fact I guess) Going back to the movie, Pixar probably was pleased with the outcome. With an increased budget, the studio probably expected higher returns, and that's exactly what they got. The film grossed over 500 million dollars worldwide, beating the original.

I liked the first one a lot, but I must say that I liked the second one even more. The story was better, the cinematography was better. Overall, Cars 2 was better for me. The first one was like a drama-comedy film, except with cars in it. It was a self-exploration I guess for McQueen. This one was an action-comedy film, still with cars in it. This one had drama too, focusing on McQueen's friendship with Mater. However, it was more of an ass-kicking Bond-like film more than a tearfest.

I also liked the settings. I am extremely fascinated by Japan, both as a country and as a nation, and seeing it as venue for McQueen's race was a delight. I appreciated how they incorporated different stuff about their culture like geishas, their very high level of technology, and their language. It showed different aspects of the Japanese and that was well-appreciated. Italy was the other setting, and just like Japan, Italy's been on my list of places I want to visit. Their food is beyond words, and even the movie took note of that. Japan+Italy=best combination of venues for me.

I was also glad to find out that all the cast members from the first movie returned to do the sequel, especially Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy. I also liked the addition of Michael Caine and Emily Mortimer as Agents McMissile and Shiftwell respectively. These are some talented voice actors. Michael Caine made me have that Bond-like feeling while watching McMissile  do his thing, and it was pretty badass.

I am really hoping for a Cars 3, although I don't know the likelihood of that. A guy can hope I guess. In the event they do make one, I surely hope all the actors will be back to reprise their roles. I want to see how Mater deals with the agent life of Shiftwell, or if McQueen can be an undercover spy in a race event. I think there are still a lot of possibilities to be explored and it will be a shame to not use them.

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