May 06, 2012


Since I've been watching some heavy stuff/movies lately, I decided to take another direction with this one. It's been a while since I've seen a comedy film. Then it dawned on me that I haven;t written an entry about any comedy film, which is weird since comedy is my favorite film genre. I like getting some laughs than feeling depressed or something, so I was legitimately shocked when I realized there's not a single comedy film in this blog. However, it's all good 'cause I have the perfect comedy film to start things off.

Superbad was released in 2007, starring Jonah Hill, who recently became a Golden Globe and Oscar nominee, Michael Cera, Seth Rogen, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Bill Hader, Emma Stone and Martha MacIsaac. It was directed by Greg Mottola. Just to show how good this movie was, the film had a budget of 20 million, according to Box Office Mojo, and earned more than 160 million worldwide. That's more than 140 million profit! If that wasn't enough, critics also praised the movie, calling it one of the best movies of that year. Even Rotten Tomato gave it a high rating.

All the success the film achieved were well-deserved. It was hilarious! There were a lot of cussing but it just made it even funnier. There was even a scene where Seth (Hill) had to say "fuck" in every single line. You gotta give props to the kid for saying the word that many times. Setting that aside, the script of this movie was pretty good. It helped that the actors delivering the lines were naturally funny.

The basic plot of the film was simple, they had to get booze for a party. The characters then fell into different sorts of troubles just to 1) get some booze, and 2) get them to the party. The story line reminded me a bit of Harold and Kumar movies: there's one goal but somehow they end up on a crazy adventure. The only difference is in Superbad, nobody was high riding tigers. And also there was no Neil Patrick Harris in Superbad, sadly. But just like Harold and Kumar, I enjoyed every single second of their "journey" to impress the girls they liked. It involved getting a fake ID, using the fake ID, singing for stoners, getting "period blood" on the shorts, running away from the cops, and hiding from the same cops. A lot happened just to get those booze to the party place; and it provided the laughs.

Jonah Hill is one funny dude. He's starting to climb up the ranks of my favorite comedy actors, and that list includes Steve Carrell, Ben Stiller, Tina Fey, Seth Rogen (who's also in the film) and more. I'm still waiting for the release of 21 Jump Street here in my country, but I'm betting that it will seal the deal and Jonah Hill will be one of my favorites! His portrayal of Seth was amazing! Another actor who stole the show for me was Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Mcloving. The name was funny to begin with, but he lived up to his name. I didn't know who Mintz-Plasse was before watching this film, but he definitely made his appearance in this film have an impact on me. I must say though, the first time I saw him, I thought it was a digitally enhanced version of Ed Helms. Michael Cera, who I know from Juno, was probably not as funny as the other two, but he was still worth watching. He's the anti-thesis of the other two, more emotional and a little too goody two-shoes.

The tandem of Seth Rogen and Bill Hader was priceless. The two cops running around town creating a mess, that's something! Let us also not forget the ladies of the film. Emma Stone's a big star now, but she was just starting out in this movie. After watching her, I now understand how her first film appearance lead to more roles. Martha MacIsaac portrayed the sweet Becca well too.

I can't tell you enough how good the movie was, at least for me. I was laughing almost the entire film. Great actors, great script, great director, great movie. Superbad was supergood!

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