May 24, 2012

Men In Black 3

Men In Black or MIB is now on its third film, ten years after the release of the second one. After the success of the first two MIB movies, released in 1997 and 2002 respectively, J and K are back to combat aliens in our planet. With the records set by the first two films, and a whopping budget of 215 million dollars, this movie has a lot to prove, and a lot to live up to. Hopefully this movie won't suffer the same loss as Disney's John Carter. I don;t think it will. It's a film that can stand on its own and rake in the viewers to earn a huge profit.

This entry may contain possible spoilers. Don't continue reading of you do not want to know certain details about the movie.

The third installment to the franchise was released here in my country yesterday, and I had the chance to check it out a while ago. It was pretty scary considering before I left the house, I saw someone claim that MIB3 was one of the worst movies he'd seen. Well, I beg to disagree with that. MIB3 was not bad at all. It was witty and action packed. There were a couple of uh-oh scenes, but as a whole, it was a pretty good movie. Probably not as good as the first one, but still on the same league as its predecessors, or even better than the second one. To be honest I can't be too sure. I'd have to watch the first two films again, but I distinctly remember liking the first one so much. It still had the charm and wits to grab me.

It also had a great set-up to get to know the character of Agent K when he was a lot younger. It even revealed a connection between Agent J and K even before K recruited J. It explored the character: his life, his story. It allowed J to get to know K on a more personal level, one that he's longed for and made clear in the beginning of the movie. It showed a different side of Agent K, a side I was very grateful to see. He was fun and a lot more interesting. It even explored his love life a bit!

The villain of the film was creepy in a lot more ways than one. The appearance made me get the goosebumps. I did recognize, though, the excitement he brought to the film. He was pursuing the death of Agent K, and that created the main action part of the film. It did only feature a few action sequences. However what they had was good enough for me. I think it's because the movie revolved more around the characters, more than their battle against the villain (but it was still a major part of the film). It focused more on the story than in the fight scenes. Although the fight scenes they had were funny and engaging at the same time.

It was weird to see how the men in the black suits have aged. But although their looks have changed, the caliber of their acting performance is maintained. Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith had a great chemistry on screen that make their partnership very likeable. Add Josh Brolin to the mix and you have one of the most exciting trios. Of course they didn't appear as a trio, unfortunately. But it all worked out well. I actually liked this mix. There was just something in there that made me appreciate these agents. The characterization, the funny lines and the perfect facial expressions were epic!

I did enjoy the movie and several scenes made me laugh so hard. It was entertaining to say the least. No, make that highly entertaining with an almost perfect script, phenomenal actors, especially Josh Brolin as a younger Agent K. If you liked the previous MIB, I don't see any reason why you shouldn't check it out. I'd say go for it and watch it because the film was entertaining for me to really enjoy it. I had a lot of fun watching it, much thanks to the humor the script possessed, and the ability of the actors to be hilarious. For me, that's more than enough to recommend it.

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