May 31, 2012


Up was an animated film  directed by Pete Docter and released in 2009. It garnered positive responses and did  very well in the box office, earning more than 700 million dollars worldwide. Word of mouth encouraged me to finally see it because I know several people who watch this movie over and over again. That triggered me to check it out because this movie, I thought, had to be great if all these people are gushing over it. And it was. It's a fantastic, touching story.

It was a touching movie since it had several messages like pursuing a goal or a dream, being with the people you care about, etc. The target audience of the movie were children and I think the children can pick up a lesson or two from this movie. It explored the joy of triumph, the security of relationships, but also the despair of losing the people you care about. It portrayed to kids real life in a superficial setting. It's also funny how it went to an aww-type of movie, to dramatic, to comedic, to action. I was waiting for the horror/suspense-thriller part to start but it didn't happen. But yeah, this movie had a lot to offer, and I was happy to take on those offers.

The characters were also cute (and I don't say that word often). The characters were appealing not only because of their cuteness but also because of their personality and traits. You got an adventurous energetic kid paired up with an old grumpy man with a kind heart. Add a talking dog and a weird bird and you have the whole gang.

It's a heartwarming story between two people and a couple of animals. It's also an enjoyable movie, and one that made me smile. It had strong messages conveyed in a children-friendly manner. This movie was absolutely fine, and one of the best animated movies ever made. Maybe I just really liked watching it. But that's enough reason to see it. It's great and you won't regret watching it. Also, a movie with that much balloons tied to a house to make it float has to be the best reason to check the movie out.

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