May 23, 2012

Nothing Without You

This will not be a movie review. It will be another preview since I got the chance to see the teaser of another independent film being produced. It's one that I'm excited to see, and hopefully I will have the chance to see the whole feature.

I have to say I'm extremely grateful to all the networking sites for allowing me to connect o people I don't personally know, especially to people who's passions lie in the movie industry as well. It's been great and a lot of fun to talk to filmmakers, writers, and directors of different movies, especially the independent ones since they don't garner much attention. They should, though, since the material they posses is very interesting and very intelligent.

After seeing a preview of Remember O Goddess, I got the opportunity to view the teaser of Nothing Without You. Nothing Without You is a psychological suspense thriller about a woman accused of murdering another woman. The quest then begins to prove her innocence and locate the real criminal. I do like psycho-thrillers so that's probably one of the reasons why I liked the whole idea of the movie.

Visit their official website You can see a lot of great things in the site.  You can learn more about the movie, see production stills, and even read the back story of the movie. Let me tell you this, Xackery Irving has a great talent and from what I've seen, I know that this will be an amazing project. Writing about it is a huge honor for me because I feel like I am having the opportunity to support great movies in my own way.

Xackery Irving, being the amazing person that he is, sent a few stills. Here's a glimpse of the fantastic film he's creating.

You can also check out their Facebook page and support them as well. You can be updated through that as well. While you're at it, you can follow me on twitter!/sirfilmreviewer or email me at Help spread the word as well. There also other independent film makers who need support so if you can, go check them out.

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