May 22, 2012

Pearl Harbor

Even before the film started, just with the sound, it already set a melancholic atmosphere. Of course, the subject of the film is one that became a turning point in our history. One that depicts tragedy and destruction. It proceeded however in a lighter note. Showing the kids playing, or how Affleck's character pursued Beckinsale's character. It also set the background on the relationship of Rafe and Danny, how they always did things together, how Rafe always protected Danny, how the other responded to the actions of the other.

The movie was mostly centered on the love story of these two pilots and a nurse. I guess this movie was a romance with the Pearl Harbor during wartime as its setting. Although it did still have the war, the bombings, the sinking ships, the people getting wounded and slowly dying, the main story of it focused on the development of the relationships of these three lovers. I must admit that I expected it to be similar to Saving Private Ryan, which is one of my favorite movies, and probably my favorite war film. However, despite that, I do not feel dissatisfied at all.

This movie had great cinematography. Everything about it was interconnected and nothing felt too out of place. They also had fitting music as background to build up tension, or to heighten up the drama. The logistics of the movie showcased how much preparation it took to create this movie. I'd say all those efforts paid off, considering it became a box-office success, earning 450 million on a budget of 140 million (based on Box Office Mojo)

I also liked how there's an attempt to stay true to history. I don;t think that was the goal f the movie given that its central focus revolved around the love story of the three characters. However, I'll say that I was amused how familiar names were brought to it like Halsey and MacArthur. I am not very familiar with the American history, I am familiar however with my country's history and I did recall studying about these people, especially MacArthur, who became a vital character in the shaping of our nation.

Some of you might not know this, but my country was invaded by the Japanese troops during the war. Our nation also suffered from all the atrocities and violence that occurred during that time. I am grateful that I did not have to go through that. I do hope I won't have to, despite everything that's been happening recently. I guess what the movie accomplished was their depiction of just how ugly wars could be. I do think that there are no real victors in any war. There are only losers because in whatever way you look at it, both sides would lose people, lose infrastructures, lose a lot of things.

I still think Saving Private Ryan is the best war film, although even that had another focus as well. But I was impressed by everything about the film that it just had a huge impact on me. Pearl Harbor is not a bad movie itself. It had its own merits, including how visually satisfying it was. It was a romantic war film, different from the other war films I saw. It did still have that action and intensity, and also the drama of the war. Overall it was a good movie, and I did enjoy watching it.

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