May 13, 2012

Easy A

I've heard about this movie, have seen a few minutes of it when my friends were watching it. I just never brought myself to seeing the entire movie. That was dumb because this movie had me laughing so hard. To illustrate how much I enjoyed this movie, at this moment, while I am typing this, I am still smiling. This is Hollywood gold if there ever was one.

Let's start with the basics. Easy A was a 2010 comedy film directed by Will Gluck, written by Bert Royal. It boasted a stellar cast with Emma Stone as the lead. Other actors in it were Amanda Bynes, Stanley Tucci, Patricia Clarkson, Penn Badgley, Aly Michalka, Lisa Kudrow, and Thomas Haden Church. Lots of popular names. It didn't cost much though as the reported budget was only 8 million. Multiply that budget by more than 9 times and you have the reported revenue of the movie. Not bad at all.

Now let me tell you why I think this movie did so well - so well even critics liked it. First off, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, this movie had an awesome cast. Emma Stone was mad funny! The way she acted her part had me literally laughing out loud. She was phenomenal, and no wonder this movie boosted her popularity, she did everything right in this movie. She acted the dramatic scenes well, she acted the comedy scenes even better. She's like a chameleon. Aly Michalka showed some pretty serious acting chops here. Fiesty, mean, and sensitive all wrapped up in the body of Rhiannon. Amanda Bynes as a religious leader was a treat. She always cracks me up and I do hope she gets another shot at Hollywood and make more movies.

On to the older ones. Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson as Emma Stone's parents are probably one of the coolest parents, if not the coolest. I'm slowly becoming a huge huge fan of Stanley Tucci, from the Hunger Games to Easy A to Captain America. This guy is everywhere and I have no complaints at all. I was also glad to see Lisa Kudrow in this movie, mostly because I'm a huge fan of FRIENDS (watched every single episode). Glad her character also had a crazy side to it as it brought back the Phoebe days.

Second reason why the movie did well? The story and the script. For those who have seen it, you won't be able to deny how witty and hilarious the script was. This movie would not have worked at all with a less hilarious script. The screenplay was the main reason I liked this movie, so a big thank you to Bert V. Royal. As usual, there's a dramatic conflict/issue towards the end. Yet, even with the drama and the confusion and the self-doubts, the screenplay stayed true to its being a comedy film. It didn't try to hard to be emotional. Everything was just natural, with hints of laughter here and there. Of course with a script like that, a great director should be brought in, and Will Gluck rose to the challenge. Of course since he;s producing the film as well, he might as well make it amazing. That's exactly what he did. He took care of the blocking, the angles, and who knows what else. All these people involved made sure they'd create a film worth watching. Now we have Easy A.

I also just want to add that the scene with Emma Stone and Dan Byrd in the bedroom will probably be on of my favorite scenes in any movie ever created. That scene forced me to pause the movie and calm myself down. It was hysterical, and I mean that in the best way possible. But really, to whoever thought of that scene, thank you! That was my favorite part of the movie because it was hilarity at its finest. It didn't hurt that these two are talented goofballs who happened to be actors as well.

I personally would like to thank Blake Shelton for tweeting about the movie, which then encouraged me to actually go see it. I've heard only good things about it and I still don;t know why I never saw it before. I know I'm a little late with this, but as the famous saying goes "Better late than never." I'm just thankful I did see it cause missing its pure awesomeness would have been a shame. It was that good!

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