May 30, 2012

Alone With Her

If you're a fan/reader of this blog, you probably know how much I like psycho-thrillers. The psychological parts of these kinds of movies always intrigue me. The human mind is a very complex organ and I think there will always be something new to discover - especially how people act and react to certain situations.

Alone With Her is a psycho-thriller, although quite different from other films of the same genre. It's about a stalker who locked in on a prey and followed her every single move. He installed cameras on the woman's apartment, went to the same coffee shop, watched the same movies, listened to the same songs, practically lived a life similar to hers, aiming to establish a connection with his prey.

He also managed to manipulate his prey's life by knowing the details. He was able to interfere with her date, get her kicked out off the job because he knew a lot of details. Well, he did also help her with a lot of things, but only did it because of his ulterior motives. He might have cared about her, but the things he did were selfish and not selfless.

It's also a current issue. Just watching the news, we see a lot of stalking stories, from celebrities to normal citizens. The film made a point clear, our advanced technology make it a lot easier to stalk and be involved in the lives of other people. There are gadgets that were created to help mankind, but sometimes along the way, we find harmful uses for it. To be honest, I don't condemn these technology. I think they're wonderful. However, it's supposed to be used in a righteous way. I think it's the abuse of these technology that lead people to use them in dangerous ways. That's what the point is trying to say. We have to be responsible for what we do, and hopefully we'll be able to determine right from wrong.

The tense mood throughout the film, and the idea of using the hidden cameras as the movie's main viewpoint were very effective. It kept the atmosphere be filled with mystery and suspense. It also helped that Ana Caludia Talancon and Colin Hanks were very genuine in portraying their characters.

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