May 22, 2012

The Blind Side

First of all, I did not have any clue why the title of the movie was The Blind Side, but I'm glad I got it within the first few minutes of it. It also started with a few football plays, which made me like football. I must admit, football for me is what Americans would call soccer. That's the sport I grew up playing. I also won't claim to be a huge NFL fan because I am not, although I have seen a couple of games, and I've tried playing the NFL game. It is a very interesting sport. Although I'm not a very big football fan, I do find it entertaining and interesting.

It then went on to introduce the characters of the story. The moment I saw Mike, I rooted for him. I guess it's the vibe that Quinton Aaron had for the character of Mike Oher that had me rooting for him. I knew how the ending would go but I wanted to witness the journey. It's a perfect victory story, a kid from a poor neighborhood who didn't have much making his way through life and becoming successful. That's amazing. I've always believed that hard work always pays off, and seeing the hard work he put in to get to a whole new point in his life is beyond me. I am in awe of this guy.

The story was very compelling, especially in today's society where the people at the top of the pyramid don't always recognize the people at the bottom. It's a really timely, strong story, one that makes you appreciate what you have and think about the people who don't have as much. It was inspiring to see a great family adopt and take care of a complete stranger for the simple reason that it was the right thing to do. It's equally inspiring to see how Michael triumphed despite all the obstacles he had to go through. Here's a person who knew who he was, and recognized the people who got him there. I think his personal experiences shaped him, and people who cared about him managed to help him be even better.

Leigh Anne and her whole family did a really nice thing. A life changing deed for a person and I'm sure they're all proud of what Michael has accomplished. It was also good to see that they're still in touch, which shouldn't shock anyone since the bond they had built is strong. The actors playing them made them even more likeable. Come one, you got Sandra Bullock bringing her own brand of wit and humor to a role. I've seen several of her movies, but this one still surprised me. For one thing, how did she manage to have that accent? This lady is very talented and she constantly proves it with whatever she does. I didn't know that Tim McGraw, who I listen to, ventured into acting. It was surprising to see him in this movie, but he did just fine. I guess he knew he could do it, and that's why he did it. Lily Collins, who is probably now known as Snow White for her role in Mirror Mirror, was also likeable. Her character was cool as well, willing to risk her self to break social barriers. But the one who managed to really get noticed was Jae Head as SJ. That kid was really good.

Coach Carter has been my favorite sports movie. To be honest, The Blind Side is challenging that. I must watch the two movies again to decide which one I'll choose as the best sports movie, but it will be tough. I do hope that the story presented in The Blind Side is as close to the reality because it's an incredible story to begin with, and sticking to the real story will be enough to capture viewers. I will say this: This movie is awesome!!

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