May 28, 2012

The House Bunny

To start this off, I was surprised by how many faces I recognized in this movie. I was quite shocked to a lot of familiar faces in one ensemble. I knew Anna Faris was the star of the movie but I didn't know Emma Stone, Colin Hanks, Kat Dennings, Katharine McPhee and Rumer Willis were also part of the cast.

House Bunny was a 2008 comedy film revolving around an orphan who became a Playboy playmate. However, after celebrating her birthday, she was kicked out of the mansion and was forced to look for a new home. This is the part where all those familiar faces come in as members of the soon-to-be disintegrated sorority. Now this is the part where I realized this might have been a chick flick of some sort, but I decided to watch it anyway because Anna Faris was really funny. It was alluding to different fairy tales, and even that was funny.

It was, as one critic put it, formulaic. I won't disagree as it really was a generic plot for a comedy. It was predictable and I knew exactly what's going to happen next and how it would end. It was the usual not very smart girl with a very big heart lost in society. There were girls who weren't popular, and were the laughing stock of the school. They even had the touching speech at the end.

However, having said that, I still quite enjoyed it. Probably it's because despite the basic plot, they had competent actors to deliver the goods. Nevermind the plot, the stars of the film brought the laughs. It's one big cliche but at least they managed to execute it in a funny manner that made the movie enjoyable. It also helped that Anna Faris is really good at exaggerating expressions. I still find it amusing how she's come so far from being the pregnant girl in FRIENDS to being a supporting character in Lost in Translation. It's amazing to see where she is now. Also, the other stars of the movie went on to do just as well. Emma Stone will be starring in the new Spider-Man movie, and has starred in several successful movies. Kat Dennings and Katharine McPhee have their own successful television shows, 2 Broke Girls and SMASH, both renewed for a second season. Colin Hanks will be in an upcoming movie with Seth Rogen and Yvonne Strahovski entitled The Guilt Trip according to IMDB. Although if I'll be completely honest, I hope Colin Hanks will be given a lot more projects because he is probably one of the most underrated actors (which is funny because even Colin Hanks himself recognizes that). But he is a very capable actor, and a great one at that. I still don't know why The Good Guys was cancelled cause I liked that show, although I only saw a few episodes. I am looking forward to see him enjoy the same amount of success his dad has (Fun Fact: Tom Hanks is one of my top favorite actors)

I'd go on and say that it's a nice movie to watch while relaxing after a day's work, or in a Sunday afternoon. It's relaxing and calming, and let's not forget, funny. The stars were allowed to shine, and they stepped up to the plate to give a comical performance that I absolutely enjoyed.

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