May 11, 2012

Remember O Goddess

This will not be a movie review. I know this site is called mrfilmreviewer but for now allow me to be mrfilmPreviewer. I chose that name because I had the privilege of watching a short/medium length preview of the film Remember O Goddess, a Korean film directed by Yoon Jung Lee. I came across this movie thanks to certain networking sites: (a networking site for people in the film industry) and Twitter.

I can't emphasize the fact that I enjoy all kinds of movies from all sorts of cinemas. In fact, I've seen a number of Korean movies, although most, if not all, were mainstream movies. This is the first time I came across a Korean independent film and I liked the experience. Readers of this blog won't be too surprised to see another independent film title here. After all, I've already made reviews for Winter's Bone ( and Good Day For It (, both American indie films. However, this is the first time I'm writing about a non-Hollywood film in this blog.

The premise of the film is simple, yet interesting. There's a man who lost his memory and attempted to identify himself by reporting his disappearance to the police, hoping someone would recognize him and tell him who he really was. That hope then came in the form of a convenience store cashier, but he let his chance slide. We all have a place in this world. Sometimes, we get lost and sometimes we just need one person to rely on and guide us back. Unfortunately, he let his guiding light get away. This caused him to take drastic measures in order to have another chance of re-connecting with the people in his life.

The 25 minute talked about searching for one's identity, missing out on a valuable opportunity, desperation, and love. It had a comic relief here and there, but the film maintained the paradoxical balance of calmness and frustration, of satisfaction and despair. It was quietly moving, and definitely surprising. I think this film had power because it had a strong definite message. A lot of things were said in just 25 minutes.

I also want to point out how incredible Kim Tae Wook was. I particularly appreciated how the preview ended. It's attention-grabbing, and emotionally charged and very unexpected. With the way the preview ended, it could already stand on its own. It could be a short/medium film.  That's the thing; the whole preview was smart and creative. If this preview was an indication of the quality of the whole feature, we could all be assured that the end product will be phenomenal.

If you want to see the preview, you can click this link I'm very pleased to know that the project managed to raise funds to continue this amazing movie. If I only had the money, I would contribute to this project for sure because it would be worth every single penny. However, since I'm in no position to do so, let this blog entry serve as my contribution to the movie.

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