June 29, 2012

The Amazing Spiderman

I know it hasn't been released in the United States, and some parts of the world, so this post may potentially have spoilers. I'll try not to include spoilers, or any details that may ruin it for you. I'm just saying to serve as a warning that you might read somethings that may potentially give away details. But again, I'll try my best not to. Also, let me say now that I'll use the word "Amazing" multiple times. Hey this is The Amazing Spiderman, right?

I can't help but compare this to the old Spiderman movies starring Tobey Maguire. I really liked all three Spiderman movies and I made sure to watch all of them in the theaters. I was a big supporter of the franchise which was probably the reason why I had reservations when I found out they'd be making a new Spiderman movie. I thought it had to live up to the success of the first three movies in every aspect possible, entertainment being the primary factor. I also had to see if this movie would attain the overall standard set by the first movies, which was pretty high for me.

I've read that it's an origin story. Although it did show how Peter Parker transformed to Spiderman, I thought it was already established in the first Maguire Spiderman movie. I thought it was more of a narration of the early life of Peter Parker as Spiderman, one that combined the new with the old.. This movie had new characters, new elements, new plot lines, new things. That's an instant bonus right there. It wasn't a simple re-telling of the first movie with different actors. It was a new movie that retained old elements of the previous films. It also had re-creation of what happened in the first Spiderman movie. It was like a fusion of the new things and the old things, and The Amazing Spiderman was produced.

This one had less emotions, I thought. Though there were a lot of dramatic scenes, it lacked a trigger for emotional response. It was not like it wasn't moving or touching, but it felt like it was detached emotionally if it even makes any sense. My point, basically, was a disconnect in that area. I could't determine why since I thought the actors were great, the directing was great, but somehow it just wasn't as dramatic as it should have been. You'll probably get what I mean when you see it. Or maybe that's the whole idea.

This one had a lot more humor though. I was thinking that maybe the people behind this movie decided to make it more fun than more dramatic since the people had already seen those dramatic moments. It played with the character's fun side a bit more. Even during those intense moments when the world'd (or New York's) fate was on the line, it still had humorous lines and comedic tactics. All those moments made this movie probably more entertaining and enjoyable.

I think the best parts about the movie were the action part of it, and the dangerous effects. I'd have to say that if you looked closely, you'd find a couple of inconsistencies in some areas. They were minute details, but noticeable for those with an eye for details. However, as a whole, I liked the effects they had, the creation of the monster, the scars. Everything looked insanely realistic actually. When it came to the action scenes, it was incredible. Incredible because it was exciting, and it was engaging. Those were the scenes I felt really invested in the movie, anxiously awaiting what's going to happen. The stunts were amazing. It had danger, and that's a key factor for making impressive and commendable action scenes. We all know that he's going to win, but his journey to victory were filled with bumps in the form of lizards and deaths.

Reading this post, I feel like it might seem that I didn't really like the movie. If it seemed that way to you, I apologize. I really did like the movie. I was very satisfied, had a smile on face when I left the movie house, laughed about it with some friends, and as I'm typing this, I still vividly remember my favorite scenes from the movie. The Amazing Spiderman was really amazing and I think people should watch it. It's a very entertaining film and it's worth the bucks you'd have to shell out. I'm just typing my thoughts exactly how they're being processed. I had a good time watching it and was very satisfied by it. .

I'd be honest and say I had my reservations with Andrew Garfield, who I thought was superb in Social Network, playing Spiderman since I would always associate Tobey Maguire with the character. I've seen posts of people stating that they didn't like Tobey Maguire as Spiderman very much. On the contrary, I greatly appreciated the Spiderman franchise partly due to Maguire's portrayal of the character. Andrew Garfield was just as amazing (maybe that's why it's Amazing Spiderman?). Probably a little bit more cheerful, ecstatic, and funny. But overall, I thought both embodied the character of Spiderman rather well. I think Webb picked the right actor to continue the Spiderman hype. Emma Stone had Easy A Emma Stone bits in the movie, and those were awesome. Emma Stone's really growing on me. I've always been fond of her before, but I think I like her even more now. I read the article how she was apprehensive on taking on the role, but I thought she was perfect in it. Rhys Ifans as the film's antagonist was frightening, but at the same time, a likable villain. Denis Leary, Martin Sheen, Sally Field, and Chris Zylka as the supporting cast even made this movie better with their appearances.

It had a few things that seemed off or lacking in this movie. Having said that, I still am glad I saw the movie. I waited for this movie to come out despite my reservations. I made sure to be at the ticket counter early to secure tickets. It was all worth it, the waking up early, the money, the time. It was an enjoyable movie and I had fun watching it. I worried over nothing as this movie surely delivered. I know I did a lot of comparing, but this movie was strong enough to stand on its own. It;s a great movie in itself! By the way, as part of the Marvel tradition, be sure to stay a little while longer as there will be an after credits scene.

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