June 14, 2012

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

I just had to watch this movie after watching Get Him to the Greek a couple of days ago. I had fun watching the tandem of Russell Brand and Jonah Hill that I had to see the movie that started it. In addition, I got positive feedbacks regarding this movie, and I was told that it was really funny. I won't disagree with that one as I really found this comedy amazing.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall introduced the character of Brand, Aldous Snow, and it was nice to know that hey kept the character's core and didn't change anything up. Jonah Hill was also in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, althopugh he was playing a different character. I guess changing his hairstyle became his license to play another character. I won't complain though.

The story of the movie revolved around a man getting out of a 5 year relationship with his celebrity girlfriend, Sarah Marshall. To cope with the recent events he went to Hawaii only to find out Sarah Marshall was checked in with her new guy, Aldous Snow, in the same hotel. The whole awkward phase quickly thickens as they constantly bump into each other. It also became complicated when another character, Rachel (Mila Kunis) came to join the chaotic party.

I think Forgetting Sarah Marshall had a stronger, more precise story line than Get Him to the Greek. It had more substance and was a whole lot deeper than the latter one. It had a clearer direction, I think. It also took the sob story route, which made some of the scenes a bit dramatic. Although, it did afford the filmmakers a lot more opportunity to create different humorous scenarios.

I did find Get Him to the Greek just a little bit funnier, but that's probably due to the hysterical characters of Russell Brand and Jonah Hill. Fogetting Sarah Marshall was really good and really funny as well, but I think Jason Segel's character had more reservations than that of Brand's. Both were really fun, entertaining movies. I guess Get Him to The Greek just had a little more humor and remarkable witty lines. But Forgetting Sarah Marshall was really good as well. It was a great comedy that comes with a bunch of laughter. It's as vulgar and as raunchy, and both were really funny. I had tons of fun watching it as well.

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