June 04, 2012

What's Your Number

Oh shut up! I know it's not the manliest movie to see but will it be ok if I said I really just wanted to see another Anna Faris movie? Yes? No?

What's Your Number was a 2011 romantic comedy movie starring Anna Faris and Chris Evans and was directed by Mark Mylod. It included a lot of familiar faces including Dave Annable, Chris Pratt (who apparently is married to Anna Faris), Ari Graynor, Joel McHale, and a lot more. The cast was actually really likable enough to charm the viewers. These actors playing various characters, and the interactions they had with one another were enjoyable to watch.

The story was not the most interesting story. It's about a girl searching all her ex-lovers in an attempt to not increase the number of her ex-boyfriends. It stated when she found out that the average number of relationships women would have was 10.5, and she was already at 20. The plot was very formulaic, and predictable. I would assume that it's a typical rom-com story, with the same type of appeal. It was not revolutionary nor did it challenge any standards. It wasn't as interesting as some of the other movies I've seen. However, the tandem of Faris and Evans made it ok.

Don't get me wrong, it had really funny moments. Some of the lines were hilariously witty. The direction of Mylod was good as well. However, for me, the best things about this movie were Faris' comedic delivery of her lines coupled with her famous expressions, and the tandem of Faris and Evans. I just hope Anna Faris don't get stuck with these roles because she is an awesome actress with loads of potentials. Although, I would gladly watch her comedy movies.

It was a fun movie. If you're just looking for a light movie, or if you're a huge fan of romantic comedies, I think this will suit you just fine. It was not the greatest movie, but it was still fun to watch. Despite the story being generic, it had a hilarious cast worth seeing.

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