June 15, 2012

Sin City

I saw this movie in a list of must-see action movies so I went ahead and checked it out. It was an interesting choice, since it's more of a crime suspense-thriller movie. Well, I guess it does fall into the action genre with the amount of crimes and blood, and murders.

I really, really liked it. It was scary and too dark and too violent, but it just blew me away. It wasn't because of the amount of blood flowing all over the town, nor was it because of the killing spree of the different characters. It was the whole of it from the story to the persona of the characters, to the actors playing them, to the way the movie was directed. Everything was just great. Everything worked, and every ingle aspect of the movie was just perfect.

I genuinely felt haunted by the story. There was too much intensity to it that it's impossible not to be involved in the charaters' lives, and not to get affected by what happened to them. The interaction of these characters into this sick, twisted story was just amazing

It received critical acclaim, and performed well in the box office. I felt a sense of happiness that this movie did so well cause it was just that kind of movie that took me on a ride, as people would say. In fact, I took some time before writing this because I wanted to digest everything that happened in the movie, to process all the scenes, the characters, the overall plot line.

My favorite part was the one with Bruce Willis and Jessica Alba/Mackenzie Vega, who played the young Nancy. That story just drilled through my core. It was painfully beautiful to witness their story, the ups, the downs, and the the downers. It was depressing, but at the same time I was able to appreciate it. It was the one that really pulled my heart out, so to speak, with the magnitude of the drama surrounding them. Plus the development of their reaction was just really brilliant. However, the other stories were also phenomenal. The characters and their stories intertwine which was really awesome! Josh Hartnett's character was really weird for me though. I never got where exactly he fit in, aside from his last scene.

I just found out they are making a sequel, and to be honest I got worried. It's probably because Sin City was genius, a brilliant movie from concept to execution that I fear that the sequel wouldn't be able to live up to the quality of the first one. I know better not to think this way as there are a lot of sequels that ultimately worked. However, we have also witnessed sequels that became disappointments. I would still look forward to it, and I do hope they pull it off. At least they're keeping some of the cast/characters who managed to stay alive in the otherwise death-filled movie so that ought to be good news.

I must admit that at the beginning, I was ready to hate this movie. However as the story went on, I got more involved. I, to a certain extent, went along with these people and "lived" through what they were going through. After the move, it slowly dawned on me how amazing and well-done the movie was. It has an aftershock effect on me that I continuously like the movie more and more as the time goes by. It was that good and I deeply enjoyed watching the movie.

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